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epochal defeat. And Di Maio looks to the Democratic Party

M5S, divided into one step.  Dibba: epochal defeat.  And Di Maio looks to the Democratic Party

The first count will take place tomorrow at the meeting of parliamentary groups. Troops already deployed and divided around the corner. Beside In May, back to dictate the line, there is the wing of government ‘which is pushing for the convening of the General States as soon as possible (and not diluted in several steps), to strengthen the alliance with them (also for the next administrative and for politics) and on a collegial body who can take the reins Movement. And if he leads it, it must be done for a kind of acclamation. “There is no going back at all,”

; her people clearly warn.

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On the other side of the fence is there By Battista who yesterday hit hard with those who always read Di Maio celebrated for yes to the cut of parliamentarians, given that he at the regional “M5S suffered the most painful defeat in history”. With Dibba, there are Orthodox, exponents of the former yellow-green government such as Lezzi, Toninelli and Grillo, about fifteen deputies and a small patrol in the Senate where the numbers for the majority are already small. The M5S is on the edge of a ravine, so much so that during these hours, founder Grillo has returned to be heard on phone calls and messages to avoid internal crime, and even the president of the Fico Chamber, who at the same time gives reason to those who stress how the movement has «Lost election», invites a debate about ideas and not about who should be behind the wheel of the car.

Di Maio, after a dinner with the loyal Spadafora, Bonafede and Fraccaro, returned yesterday to appeal for “enough of the third way”. The analysis starts from the Pomigliano model where it has kept its shoulder with the ponds and so in other municipalities, especially in Campania. “There has been a strong polarization of the vote. The three-way plan did not work. We must take into account the fact that where we are in a coalition, we often do better in the votes. And this must also lead us to evaluate agreements with civic lists, “confirms the Foreign Minister, who does not waste time.

Faced with the eventuality of a web event led by Casaleggio, the Dimaians are ready to repeat the slogan used in squares for their opponents: “Honesty”. The honesty that this dissertation lacks in those who refer to Gianroberto’s son would like to have a movement in the hands of activists with Di Battista in the role of guardian of the creed. The third accusation called on the duelists to lay down their arms: “It is necessary – his appeal – to question everything in order to move forward, to look at each other. Once we have said these things, without war between gangs and personalities and egocentrism, we can go one way. “General of the States?” They are permanent, not commercial. “The solution?” The responsibility for mistakes and merits is collective. We need collegial governance And I’m always willing to lend a hand. ”Words that do not, however, lower the tension.

Di Battista’s reading of the elections is relentless: “We have lost everywhere, we have lost alone and in alliances”. In his opinion, it is useless to talk about leadership: «For M5S, it is a matter of identity and community. We have not only lost the votes but also the activists. Without them, there is nothing left. “In this chaos, with Bugani, the exponent of the old guard, near Casaleggo and today with Raggi – who also puts the burden on us ninety (” There is no reason to rejoice, we have lost two million votes in eight years “, he said), ministers are also targeted. “They did not even give us a vote”, the chorus from malpancisti who feel left out. The change is tempting for everyone, but opening the construction site for government restructuring can be dangerous. It would be better to try distribute information on the organizational side to Lezzi and to others, in order to weaken Di Battista.There will be a war against the numbers with the risk of becoming more and more concrete.

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