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Elisabetta Trenta, the former minister's home to her husband. Di Maio: "Leave it now"

  The service house of the former Minister Thirty to her husband, a storm breaks out. Di Maio: leave the apartment

Elisabetta Trenta, former Defense Minister of Gialloverde executive, still lives in the "service" house that she had been assigned when in government and a political storm broke out immediately. Everyone, even her party, Five Stars, asked her to leave the apartment. But she holds the point and explains that the house has been handed over to her husband, a military man, with full right, in accordance with all rules.

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«I think the man will definitely be entitled to that accommodation. But it is appropriate that the minister at this moment, after three months to leave him, leaves the house. Then the man will request to be accommodated
as all army officers who follow the normal ranking. That's the most accurate thing to do, "commented 5-star leader, Luigi Di Maio, and told of the story revealed by Corriere della Sera.

Elisabetta Trenta:" I took it out, I didn't deserve it. I fought against Salvini more than others »

It is obvious that the parties in the center-right opposition are the most difficult to attack it. Maurizio Gasparri draws inspiration from this story to define Pentastellar's "moralists" so much per kilo of "liars and hypocrites". Another blue exponent, Licia Ronzulli, also talks about "double moral grilling". "They scream 'honesty' but they only think about occupying the seats and, apparently, the service apartments." accuses the senator of Forza Italy. "The privileges are" for grillini's case ", is the sarcastic comment from Fratelli d & # 39; Italia. The Democratic Party is also annoyed: Senate group leader Andrea Marcucci asks the minister to quickly clarify and announce an urgent matter.

[19659006] Finally the distance that makes the most noise, that of his party who, with the voice of Stefano Buffagni, asks her
to explicitly leave the apartment. «This morning I read the news of the former Minister Trenta about the prestigious building assigned to his man, where she lives. I also read – the Deputy Minister of Economic Development points out – the former Minister Trenta's answer: formally it also seems unacceptable, but it is not 5 star! We were born with another mission, to be in the palaces always risk polluting us, changing us and it is against this "drug" that we have to keep our attention high ". «I've never been fairer – continues Buffagni – and I understand that functional requirements can arise during the mandate. But if he had been one of the Democratic party or one of the league to give the man such a house to keep even after the mandate, what would we have said? ".

Trenta explains that he did not leave the apartment because it was the administration itself that assigned it to his spouse who, with" a first-class record ", is entitled to be granted" an accommodation on the same level as that which had been allocated. me ". Going to another, Trenta specifies, would have added to the administrative costs, those for removal by example. "As a minister – he explains – I asked for service accommodation because it was closer to the workplace, as well as appropriate security and confidentiality requirements. The accommodation was openly open in 2019, following appropriate and necessary administrative procedure, except for a formal assignment order from the competent office. When I left the office I would have had three months to leave the apartment, according to the regulation, a deadline that has not yet expired (three months from the new government, ie 5 December 2019). "

" As is well known, my husband is an officer in the Italian army – still declares Trenta – with the majority degree and currently has a first-class post, a position for which the assignment of a residence of the same level is expected to have been assigned to me (I had not actually been granted ASIR accommodation – so-called representation – without a first-class ASI accommodation. Because my husband requested a service home, to avoid further financial burdens for the administration) for which the variable expenses, etc.) are responsible, have been allocated the same as previously granted to me, on request and following the same procedure as above. "Explanations, however, which have not convinced any of the 5 stars.

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