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Dl Simplifications, draft: on almost 100 pages from the acceleration of construction sites to the digitization of PA

The proposal also confirms the one-year waivers for contract awarding, reviewing tax liability and office misuse, and digitizing PA, with self-certifications that can be done through the app, databases that need to be talked about, and publicly requesting your data only once.

Environmental impact assessments (Via) and the ultra-wide band are also accelerated. And to encourage the “green” transformation, a series of rules for installing charging stations for electric cars is also introduced, starting from the service areas on the highway.

New thresholds for contracts and list of commissioners at year-end The draft decree introduces new thresholds for tenders without tenders until 31

July 2021, with different brackets for works, services and deliveries: direct contracts within EUR 150 thousand, while between 150 thousand and the EU threshold (about 5 million) are introduced gradually more operators to be compared.

Also accelerated procedures for contracts outside the EU threshold, with a favorable lane for the work required to overcome the Covid crisis. A list of “infrastructure efforts” that will be entrusted to “extraordinary commissioners” will then be drawn up by December 31. The list comes with one or more dpcm, on the proposal of the MIT and after consulting the MEF, and “after receiving the opinion of the competent parliamentary committees”. A further list may then be available until June 2021.

The distance to the simplification decree The arrival of the decree to the CDM was not easy. After weeks of negotiations, the Genoa model and changes to the procurement rules were the most discussed issues that delayed the arrival of the Council of Ministers by what Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called “the mother of all reforms”.

Conte brought the text to CDM late in the evening, ahead of an institutional visit to Portugal and Spain that will lead him to the heart of the European match on the Fund’s funds. Blocking investments, simplifying PA procedures, is a crucial part of the program that the government will present in Brussels. But the tug-of-war between M5 and Iv on the one hand, Pd and Leu on the other, continued to the end. In the middle of the discussion, the thresholds are for tenders and the rules on building permits. But the subject of the dispute was above all the list of major public works that would be unlocked by entrusting to extraordinary commissioners, so much so that in one of the latest drafts it is expected that there will be time to prepare it by the end of the year. Nor can it be ruled out that the decree will be approved “unless otherwise agreed”, a formula that would still extend an entire game within the majority that went on for weeks.

Green light for the national reform programMeanwhile, the Council of Ministers has given the green light to the national reform program (Pnr). In addition, the draft budget and the state accounts were also approved.

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