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Diet, the best of the week from October 21 to 27

When it comes to bringing something good and healthy to the table you have to face various obstacles. Among these are time, which does not always allow you to prepare extensive meals. Not bad, since many healthy diets are nothing but simple.

As a demonstration of this, it is possible to quote the honey diet to Mike McInnes. This diet program recommends to replace white sugar with honey . In addition, honey should be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before going to bed.

The benefits of this food have been known since ancient times. A reminder of its properties was also provided by this research done by the Department of Physiology and Biophysics, which highlighted its antibacterial and immunomodulatory effect . Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, honey is ideal for those who want to keep the desire to take white sugar under control during the day (this last food only provides empty calories).

Remains in the area of ​​simple food counseling to implement, it is possible to mention the diet of prunes, ideal fruit for those who want to care for gut health . Also rich in various carotenoids ̵

1; to emphasize their presence this histochemical analysis published in the journal Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry – has been characterized by the presence of chlorogenic acid and neochlorogenic acid essential for controlling cholesterol levels.

Persimmon is very useful for cleansing the skin. Originating in China and also grown because of the refinement of the wood in the tree that produces them, they are rich in fiber . These nutrients are, as is well known, crucial for the purification of the organism in the case of constipation .

Characterized by a good content of water with excellent reference point in optimizing the levels of body wetting due to the presence of flavonoids, they are characterized by an excellent antioxidant charge.

As shown in this study conducted by a team from Tufts University in Boston, their intake is a panacea also against cardiovascular problems . The ideas to include them in the diet are many. These fruits can actually be added to a mixed salad, but can also be used as ingredients for tasty risotto or stews.

Continuing with simple tips for healthy eating it is impossible not to question the Mediterranean diet. Great classic of balanced nutrition – not surprising for several years UNESCO Heritage – this diet, as demonstrated by a new study published on the journal pages Frontiers in Nutrition represents a useful reference for prevention of neurodegenerative diseases pathologies that have a noticeable emphasis on the coffins of national health systems.

There is nothing to deny: very little is required for to eat in a charitable way . Sometimes it is enough to integrate individual foods such as dark chocolate dried fruit cereal into your diet. ] bananas .

Not to forget is also the importance of taking fresh fruits and vegetables . Maria Borelius's anti-inflammatory diet recommends her contribution. Borelius, an internationally renowned scientific journalist, has developed a diet that allows to prevent systemic low-quality inflammation

This diet recommends taking vegetables, but also the fish such as salmon or sardines foods characterized by the presence of fat from omega 3. Not to be forgotten are also anti-inflammatory benefits of nuts and chia seeds .

Follow this and other diets. Avoiding drastic fasting is important because otherwise you risk becoming a real addict to the foods you have decided to ban. A new study by two Italian researchers has shown the risk of the so-called yo-yo diets.

The current work, the details of which have been published on the journal pages Neuropsychopharmacology has emphasized how deprivation of certain foods, especially those characterized by a large amount of sugars, can lead to starting an addict like it for medicines when consumed again.

We conclude to remember some advice for those who have family and need to cook healthy in a short time. In these cases, as mentioned by Dr. Lucia Bacciottini, a nutritionist who specializes in food science, recommends solutions that are easy to handle .

This means, for example, to give room for seeds or dried fruit for snacks . For lunch, on the other hand, a cold dish to heat in the office is good. For dinner, you can choose a raw or cooked side dish, to be associated with a legume or cereal soup. Once or twice a week it is possible to introduce fish. Remember that all diets listed in these lines should only be started after consulting your doctor.

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