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Diet, the best of the week from November 11 to 17

When we talk about eating healthy there are some fixed points. Among these, it is possible to remember the simplicity . As a demonstration of how much you can improve your diet, it is enough to remember the diet for basmati rice.

As mentioned by experts from Humanitas, this variety of rice is characterized as a good source of fiber . Taking fiber is very important for several reasons. These nutrients help to optimize saturation levels, but also to slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood and to prevent glycemic peaks, often in the base for weight gain.

Adopting a "Menopause Friendly Food. During this Specific Lifetime, it is necessary to pay attention to overweight and nutrients useful for bone well-being.

As reminded by Ennio Avolio and Claudio Pecorella in book Cyclicity Diet the ideal strategy to adopt when you realize that menopause is coming a day of calorie restriction and all the others where you pay attention to bring football sources to the table . useful in this regard is the choice of bicarbonate-calcium water, as well as providing plenty of room for green leafy vegetables.

I must say: It takes very little to eat healthy ! Another demonstration of how often easy to Managing diets is often best is the fact that, as pointed out by the President of Diabetes and the research foundation Giorgio Sisti, the Mediterranean diet helps to reduce the occurrence stone of diabetes with about 52% type 2.

The rules to be followed at the table to prevent this pathology are few and very clear: the experts recommend to give space to the fibers and to moderate the intake of animal fats . It is also very important to focus on foods with low glycemic index

These scientific tips help us to understand that despite the passing of time and the knowledge that is being developed in the field of science Mediterranean diet continues being a stainless staple

UNESCO's World Heritage is a very effective food model, but really not the only one to refer to. The diet of the Vikings is equally healthy. With this expression, we frame typical eating habits for the countries of Northern Europe areas of the world where there is plenty of room at the table for the cold sea fish, for whole grains, for natural sugars that come from honey and syrup of maple

As shown in a study published on the pages of the Journal of the American Medical Director Association people who follow this diet undergo a minor incidence of problems over time by mobility and by sections of difficulties in caring for themselves (results obtained taking into account a sample of 962 individuals with an average age of 61

at baseline).

recalls vegetables the weight . As you know, many people struggle to eat them. A new study presented at the American Heart Association conference found out why. At the base of everything is a gene known as TAS2R38 .

Of this gene there are two versions in turn called PAV and AVI. Who is the carrier of two copies of the PAV version, perceives in a particularly emphasized way the bitter taste of certain foods, among which it is possible to remember the vegetables.

Fortunately, you never get tired of praising their benefits. Among the healthiest, it is possible to remember cauliflower. Belonging to the cruciferous vegetable family, as evidenced by Humanitas experts, they are characterized by the presence of sulforan a compound belonging to the class of isothiocyanates and known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties . Red on fiber and vitamin C, cauliflower can be tasted grated but also as main ingredients in a delicious velouté a simple and perfect dish during the first of the coldest months of the year.

We conclude by recalling the importance of taking fruit source of healthy sugars and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances . Especially effective in this regard is the pink apple from the Sibillini Mountains, a Slow Food presidency since 2000.

As shown in a study whose results were published in the journal Food & Function this apple has some excellent potential to be used as ingredient in nutraceutical products aims at prevention of cardiovascular problems and neurodegenerative diseases . Before you start taking it, it is recommended to consult your doctor . The same recommendation clearly applies to all diets that have been recommended in these lines.

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