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Diablo 4: lots of character customization information

Now BlizzCon is beautiful who passed but "scars" left with the various messages have remained quite marked. Sure, the American House has been able to surprise us more than positively in recent weeks. Unlike last year, Blizzard knew exactly where to "hit" and what announcements to make to win public confidence again. The news hasn't really been missing, but the true "star" of the California Fair has been without a shadow of a doubt Diablo 4.

After the company's half-mistake when announcing to the former BlizzCon a mobile title on the fairy tale, the series route seems to have returned to its original glory thanks to the fourth dedicated chapter. In addition to dealing with the fans' "rage" (in rebellion following the announcement of Diablo Immortal), Diablo 4 surely knew to generate hype out of all proportion and to put several players in "anxiety". Just to increase the wait during the day today, the game's development house has decided to release some very interesting news.

  Diablo 4

According to David Kim (Diablo 4 Chief Designer), the development of the project would go to swollen sails and the team behind Diablo 4 would strive in every way to make the experience as varied as possible. Here are some of the key game features that the development team will focus on in a more focused way:

  • Objects: The team's focus is to work with each basic object to make the adaptation much deeper and more unique compared to previous titles.
  • Free mode: this will affect the choice of skills that will be entirely in the hands of the players. This provides the opportunity to create PGs with unique and highly customizable features.
  • Ancient Objects: No specific information has been released about this specific aspect of the game. During the release Kim says that the development team is working to find a concrete role for these objects. Of course, society will have an important role for the future of these objects, even if we do not know in what way.
  • System of progression: According to the press release, the development team would not have decided yet whether in Diablo 4 there will be a maximum level or equalization is practically infinite. More information will come in the future.
  • Power Sources: According to David Kim, the player to extend the general power of his PC will be very varied. It will not only be the different "degrees" of the objects that determine the character of the character, but different functions of the game (such as talents, abilities and finally the various objects of the game).
  • Advanced shipments: this feature of the game will "replace" the gates of Diablo 3 which guarantee a greater "tactical" depth. Obviously, the general challenge for advanced transportation (compared to Varchi) will be higher by testing the players' skills.

These are just some of the news that Blizzard gives us with the next Diablo 4. If you want to read more in-depth all the words from David Kim we invite you to click the next link. Let us know what you think about this news, as always, through the comments section of the website

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