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Coronavirus, the best way to store masks when not in use

The viral load seems lower than in the first months of the year, though coronavirus continues to circulate and demonstrate the many outbreaks that have been detected throughout Italy. For this it is necessary to return to life but without ever lowering your guard, start with your hand sanitation and above all with Maskshere it is how to use and store them properly, especially when there is no need to wear them.

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First of all, it is necessary to distinguish Masks surgical, disposable and should be discarded after 6-8 hours of use, and those FFP2 and FFP3, which can instead be reused but only with proper disinfection. When it comes to the most common surgical masks, the best way to avoid contamination is to always wear them, even if it is not a pleasant feeling in the summer. For this, in open and isolated places, you can remove them, but you must pay attention to simple rules.

When we take it off mask, put it somewhere or carry it again, you must have your hands cleaned. To do this, it is also necessary to avoid touching the inner or outer part of the fabric, moving it and removing it with just the string applied to the ears. If the disposable mask gets wet, destroys or gets dirty, it is strongly discouraged to use it again and it is good to throw it away.

When we are not using mask, the best way to keep it is to put it in an envelope or bag, of cloth or paper. The best solution would be to use a ventilated container that does not come into contact with any surface. In addition, it is a good idea to always keep the mask in the same position, to avoid contamination: a simple solution might be to place a sign inside the container to remember the correct position for storing the mask.

When we go back to mask, the same basic rules apply: use only cables without touching the outer or inner surface. Of course, for effective use of the masks, it is necessary to cover the nose, mouth and chin well. If the mask is reusable, it is important to wash or disinfect it with alcohol-based products, as well as the container in which it is placed.

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