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Coronavirus in the world: infections, updates and all the news about the situation

Boris Johnson’s government “reserves the power to take tougher action” if the British people do not comply with the stricter restrictions on the rebound of coronavirus infections. Prime Minister Tory said in a television message to the nation that he reminded the “common sense” of his countrymen and reminded him to be “unwilling” to intervene in individual freedoms, but now considers it necessary to act to avoid more serious consequences. He then confirmed that the measures are binding, with more police checks and higher fines, and that the government is “if necessary” ready to use the military in reserve tasks to allow officers to focus more on monitoring the measures. anti-Covid. Boris Johnson described the current pandemic as “the most serious crisis the world has faced in my entire life”
;. While he spoke of hopes from research on a vaccine and added, however, that “we are not there yet”. In the last 24 hours, almost 5,000 new infections have been detected (highest since 7 May) and 37 deaths (the highest number since 14 July). Measures similar to those announced by the British Tory premiere for England, albeit with some minor differences from previous months, have meanwhile been announced simultaneously for Scotland and Wales by the heads of local governments in Edinburgh and Cardiff, independent Nicola Sturgeon and Labor Mark Drakeford: competent in the matter within their respective territories due to the decentralization granted to the nations of the Kingdom.

“We are destroying the virus”: US President Donald Trump assured him during his meeting in Pennsylvania and attacked China again. “Do not call it coronavirus; it is Chinavirus. Corona, the crown sounds like an Italian citizen or something. It is Chinavirus,” the president said, speaking to supporters who were not separated, many of whom did not wear masks. Trump mocked his Democratic rival in the November presidential election, Joe Biden. “Always wear a mask. All that plastic surgery money to cover it with a mask,” Trump added. The president then commented on the 200,000 coronavirus deaths in the United States, saying it could have been worse: “I think it’s a shame, but if we did not do it right, you would have 2.5 million deaths,” he said. said, quoted by The Hill.

Argentina has registered 12,027 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, for a total of 622,934 infections. Also recorded 470 deaths related to the disease, the number high since the beginning of the epidemic. The total number of victims increases to 13,952.