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controversy for his son Cristian Totti who drives a minicar

On Instagram, Ilary Blasi has published some short videos that he shot in the car with his son Cristian. In the films, we see the eldest son of Blasi and Francesco Totti, 15, at the wheel of a minicar, which in Italy can be driven from the age of 14. Some users, not informed about the topic, immediately pointed the finger at the presenter …


Also Ilary Blasi belongs to the group of famous female characters in hats, offenders or users, especially at war: she and her other colleagues do not have time to publish a photo or post online, which is immediately overwhelmed by criticism and controversy.

This time, in the viewers’ view of some commentators, the latest stories where the presenter shared some videos were Ilary takes her back in the car with her son Cristian. The boy, 15, brother of Chanel, 13, and Isabel, 4, drives a minicar around the capital.

Ilary Blasi in the car with Cristian at the wheel of a minicar

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Ilary IMG-20200807-152237

In the films, the TV presenter writes with a joke, referring to his firstborn: “Bring the old woman”. A group of followers immediately emerged and pointed his finger at Ilary Blasi, wondering about Cristian Totti’s age and whether or not the young man could drive a car when he was just a teenager.

Comments of this kind – apart from those that bother them, which have already happened on other occasions, a few too many tweaks, especially to the lips – have moved online in no time at all.

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But apparently there was no irregularity: Italian law allows to the boys who have accomplished 14 years to achieve AM License, as other users have pointed out the most critical. The AM license, which can be obtained once at the age of 14, allows you to drive the so-called minicars (also called, exactly “cars without a license”) in our cities, of course in accordance with the rules of the motorway code.

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