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Diablo 4: lots of character customization information

Now BlizzCon is beautiful who passed but "scars" left with the various messages have remained quite marked. Sure, the American House has been able to surprise us more than positively in recent weeks. Unlike last year, Blizzard knew exactly where to "hit" and what announcements to make to win public confidence again. The news hasn't really been missing, but the …

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Death Stranding, controversy broke out for GOTY 2019 nomination

Following the nomination of Death Stranding on the shortlist for GOTY by The The Game Awards 2019 two very controversial polemies have opened up against the game Hideo Kojima. Of the first we mentioned in the news about the appointments: the conflict of interest because of the friendship between Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley the protector for the event, and …

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Iliad celebrates reaching 4.5 million customers with a post on social media – MondoMobileWeb.it | Telephony | Offers

The fourth Italian mobile network operator, Iliad also wanted to make his followers on social networks aware of the latest results achieved in terms of the number of active customers on almost one and one six months since it was launched. In fact, today, November 19, 2019 Iliad published a new post on its social profiles (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) …

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Autonomous guide, AI learns to predict the behavior of motorists

One of the most important challenges with autonomous driving systems is being able to deal properly with the other passengers on the road. Predicting the behavior of other vehicles is the focus of a new research from the MIT Laboratory on Artificial Intelligence, CSAIL ( Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory ). The task of the AI ​​model developed by …

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Xiaomi throws itself into the world of ebook readers and fills in the lack of Kindle (photo)

Matteo Bottin 19/11/2019 hours 20:21 – Updated 11/19/2019 hours 20:34 Amazon's # Kindle is one of the most popular and popular e-books readers available on the market, but with the latest versions, the company has not decided to take a major step: adopt USB-C for microUSB. Fortunately, there is Xiaomi filling the door with the new Mi Reader. This device, …

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