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increase up to 100 euros, tax wedge

Richest paycheck August 2020 Thanks to two important innovations, one concerns the famous price of 100 euros which was introduced by Dl Cura Italia for the month of March and which could be received by some now with the salary of August and tax wedge bonus which officially began in July. As expected in our other articles, from July 1st …

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A Ferrari, a Porsche and a Corvette forgotten in the dealership – Mondo Auto

Sometimes it’s a city explorer to discover abandoned places that reserve unique surprises. It happened recently to James Wan, a youtuber and part-time instagrammer who stumbled across one former Ferrari-Maserati dealer in Canton, in southern China. Room in low light, exhibition with shelves full of pony and accessories for trident, dusty sofas, official signs hanging on the walls. And then …

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no to restaurant bonuses, yes to cashback

Bonus Pos decree August latest news: *** Bonus Pos decree August latest news 9 August 2020: Thanks to the August decree, purchases made with electronic payment methods, as part of the “cashless plan”, are encouraged with an allocation of EUR 1.75 billion for 2021 for the repayment of part of the purchases made with these payment methods. No to the …

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After the Beirut explosion, fears of ammonium nitrate also rise in the port of Ravenna – Ravenna24ore

However, the chairman of the Port Authority, Daniele Rossi, excludes all risks and deposits. After the frightening explosion a few days ago in Beirut whose images have traveled the world, even in Ravenna are worried about the hypothesis of the presence of ammonium nitrate deposits in the port. Doubts are denied by the port authority’s president, Daniele Rossi, who confirms …

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Deductions for car garage: how it works and how to use it

The garage is also included in the deduction for home renovations, which is provided by the government in the Relaunch decree. It is a tax relief of 50% on a maximum amount of 96 thousand euros for the construction of parking lots or garages. Deductions for car garage: how it works and how to use it Here are the expenses …

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