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Buy at Amazon with Bitcoins (BTC)? Now it can be done

Thanks to Lightning Network and to the start Moon wishing to use Bitcoin (BTC) to purchase various e-commerce, including Amazon, can finally do so .

Crypto Payment Processing Moon announced today that any flash-compatible wallet can be used via the browser's extension of the same name Moon . Before the official announcement, 250 users have already used a Beta version to test these payments via Moon on e-commerce sites, linking to the browser extension to some exchanges such as Coinbase.

Month CEO Ken Kruger has stated that:

This extension will show a QR code and there is also the possibility to generate the invoice.

To clarify the matter, Amazon will never touch our Bitcoins (BTC) to clarify the matter. . Kruger refused to indicate which financial institutions should handle the conversion into fiat currency in a back-end way to allow Amazon dealers to receive dollars, euros or other currencies directly.

However, Kruger added that by 2020, this feature should work on almost all ecommerce websites, whether the platform accepts Bitcoins (BTC).

There is no direct interaction with traders. Moon handles payment channels and offers a simple interface for sending money.

Kruger said.

We integrate with the network Show and Mastercard

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<p>  With one step back, Moon was founded in New York l last year and <strong>his staff is currently composed of 3 people, with only $ 100,000 in investment </strong> from the Entrepreneur's Roundtable Accelerator. ERA CEO Murat Aktihanoglu said he saw <strong> Moon as one of the few cryptographic companies that still has profitable potential over the next few years </strong>. </p>
<p>  We have invested in the moon in the long term </p>
<p>  stated Aktihanoglu. </p>
<p>  There are many possibilities to solve problems related to usability. All of this will also contribute to increasing the assumption for crypto courses. </p>
<p>  Kruger said. </p>
<p>  The function of this browser extension <strong> is still under review </strong> by the Chrome Web Store and <strong> Moon predicts that the actual launch will take place on Wednesday </strong>. </p>
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