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Brazil GP Direct Verstappen returns to the lead over Hamilton, Leclerc 3rd

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laps in the program

Lap 28 – In the pit Norris, Kvyat and Hulkenberg mounted all three hard tires

27 laps – Verstappen returns to the lead with 2 "1 on Hamilton, 11" 5 on Leclerc, 14 "4 Vettel, then Bottas Albon Norris Sainz Gasly who fitted medium-sized tires, Stroll Norris Hulkenberg Ricciardo

26th lap – Even Bottas in the pit but unlike all others he assembles hard tires

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25th lap – Pit for Vettel starting with medium tire

24th lap – Pit for Albon mounting medium Pirelli

23. laps – Vettel commands with 5 "5 on Bottas, 9" on Verstappen, then Hamilton Albon Leclerc Grosjean Norris Sainz walk Hulkenberg Gasly Raikkonen Giovinazzi who changed tires, Magnussen Perez Ricciardo Kvyat Kubica Russell

Lap 22 – Verstappen is behind Hamilton, but at the first corner lay Dutch English

21st lap – In the pit there is also Verstappen (soft tires) answering Hamilton, in the pit field it is almost stopped by Kubica

20 laps – Pit for Hamilton who rewards soft tire

17th lap – Pit for Perez going from medium to soft

15th lap – Verstappen +2 "3 Hamilton while Vettel loses ground and is 6" 2 from the leader

For the incident with Magnussen Ricciardo was punished by 5 "

10th lap – Verstappen always with 2" 3 on H amilton 4 "6 Vettel 8" 8 Bottas 11 "5 Albon 15 "5 Leclerc then Gasly Raikkonen Grosjean Giovinazzi Norris walk Sainz Perez Hulkenberg Kvyat Magnussen Kubica Russell Ricciardo

Lap 9 – Leclerc passes Gasly in the first corner and becomes sixth

8th yard – Ricciardo in the pits to change the nose and meanwhile soft tires

Contact at turn 4 between Ricciardo and Magnussen with the Danish turn while the Australians injure the front wing.

6th lap – Leclerc takes Raikkonen to seventh place and puts in searcher Gasly

5th lap – Verstappen +2 "5 Hamilton and 3" 9 over Vettel, more independent Bottas engaged of Albon, then Gasly excellent sixth with Toro Rosso and Raikkonen looking in the mirrors Leclerc. Giovinazzi decimo

3rd lap – Verstappen fastest lap and gives Hamillton the advantage to 2 ". Raikkonen exceeds Grosjean and climbs seventh while Leclerc is already ninth from the 14th start

1st lap – Verstappen + 1" 6 at Hamilton then Vettel Bottas Albon Gasly Grosjean Raikkonen Magnussen Giovinazzi Leclerc Norris Stroll Ricciardo Perez Sainz Hulkenberg Kvyat Kubica Russell

Verspan's perfect start while Hamilton joins Vettel at the first corner and then Bottas Albon Gasly Grosjean Raikkonen Magn59 Giovinazzi] Bekv Hamilton is already reporting that there is a difference in the heating between the front left and right brake discs.

With the medium-sized tires Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Leclerc, Kvyat, Russell, Kubica everyone will start others with the soft

Even this year, no Brazilians are at home in the real estate doctor. A major shortcoming for a country that has offered the world Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet, Emerson Fittipaldi, Felipe Massa and many other masters

It does not rain in San Paolo, dry track and 21 degrees air, 50 instead the temperature of the tarmac. Humidity is at 60.2%

Redargeted by Red Bull for childish statements against Ferrari in US real estate policy, when his statement about lack of performance SF90 was due to the fact that the former cheated, Max Verstappen arriving in Sao Paulo for the next season's round, was directed by Sebastian Vettel as he considered it immature. And we know that Verstappen is, and not a little.

Formula 1, Vettel replies to Verstappen: "Comment from immature"

Formula 1, Vettel: "Interlago's friendly track, it is always a special race".

But when he is behind the wheel he is a bad "beast" and he showed it on the Brazilian track where he took his second career post after Budapest, an exciting performance by the Dutchman who drove very well thanks to the perfect balance of his Red Bull with engine Honda which, just as last year had already shown, flies at Interlagos .

Vettel was the only one who managed to keep up with Verstappen and with him will divide the first line by 123 thousandth. The German on Saturday afternoon made fun of the Dutchman and with the complicity Lewis Hamilton said … "But how strange is this Honda engine that suddenly went s oh strong. "Trying to make Verstappen understand that certain things are not said except with a smile. But the good Max who does not know what irony is, did not understand it and got a smile even more Vettel and Hamilton . He still has to grow a lot Verstappen the problem is that with the entourage that is, first the ex-pilot father Jos (violent character, who was repeatedly arrested for assaulting his various girlfriends and having beaten his own father a couple of years ago) he will hardly be able to take that step until he has already crossed the threshold of the 100 Grand Prix held.

Hamilton will start from the second row together with teammate Valtteri Bottas with a Mercedes satisfied with the triumph in the world driver and manufacturer . In Brazil the great boss Toto Wolff did not even come for previous commitments. Charles Leclerc had signed for the fourth time, but for the exchange of power he was penalized with 10 positions and thus he will take fourteenth place. Third row for the good Alexander Albon with the second Red Bull-Honda and the unloaded Pierre Gasly who took the Toro Rosso-Honda in sixth place. Next, the fourth row for the revived Haas-Ferrari by Romain Grosjean and Alfa Romeo-Ferrari by Kimi Raikkonen. Twelfth Antonio Giovinazzi, the main character in a spin in Q2 while Carlos Sainz will start last due to a technical problem that immediately arose in the qualifying.

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