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Borriello is the king of summer, blessed among the tops of Ibiza

ROME – It has been almost 8 months since Marco Marco Borriello took on the field in an official match. It was December 23, 2017 when he discovered a tired Antenucci after the attack Molisano had given everything to get the 2-2 final against Torino . Just a remnant of the race for him, thanks to a calf injury that has created more than a few problems, but that the square is defined as imaginary. From there the beginning of the physical calvary and misunderstandings with companies and supporters, until the agreement was not extended. But all this seems far from the Neapolitan assault – who is still looking for a team after overcoming the damage ̵

1; as evidenced by the weekly " Chi " which exclusively released the images of the bombing plan during his vacation to Ibiza . Borriello seems smiling and in good shape, like the model's friends as he surrounds himself. Squirting in water and playing with rackets distracts him from the last days of the market and the opportunity to see the championship as a spectator rather than a protagonist for a long time. Meanwhile, he trains and says he is waiting for the correct proposal to return to Serie A to try to make the 100th goal in the top flight (he misses 4) and show everyone that he can still be crucial. Borriello ” data-mediasize-name=”306×172″ width=”306″ height=”172″/>

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