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Bonus restaurant, goodbye 20% discount. The refund with refund

bonus Restaurants in decree of August, news and denials follow each other when it comes to the consumption incentive.

After a first turn, it seems that the restaurant bonus will be part of the upcoming decree, albeit in a different form than expected: no longer as a direct discount on fees paid by the ATM, but a replacement through the mechanism of money back.

In fact, the draft provision circulating during these times does not mention the facility, it only refers to the mechanism for money back.

The restaurant’s bonus, or consumption ̵

1; because it should have embraced other sectors and catering, such as clothing – predicted one 20% discount on purchases made through electronic money.

Restaurant bonus, goodbye 20% discount. The refund is back

To stimulate consumption and at the same time encourage payments with ATMs, a bonus restaurants and appliances, or an incentive for the cost of furniture, in the bar and others.

The decided route included a 20% discount directly on purchase. Instead, it seems that it was decided to replace the taxpayer via cashback, perhaps as they intended to do for the digital bonus on the current account or on the card.

In this way, however, the benefit will not be immediate: the consumer will have to wait until next year to see the refund.

The bonus should (the conditions are mandatory until the August decree is published) be valid for all sectors that are important for Made in Italy, therefore also clothes and shoes.

Restaurant bonuses with cashback and non-refundable contributions for the food chain

Among the aid to the restaurant sector, which together with the tourism sector is one of the hardest hit by the crisis, the food chain bonus should be confirmed, ie. non-refundable fees for all companies working with the ATECO code 56.10.11 (catering with administration).

The exemption for Tosap and Cosap for the whole of 2020 should also be confirmed, and for the tourism and entertainment sector an exemption is also granted from the other IMU component if it meets certain requirements.

All that remains is to wait for the publication of the August decree to get more information and securities.

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