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Boiled egg diet, to lose 5 kg: discover menu

Boiled egg diet, discover a weekly menu that helps you lose 5 kg in excess

  Lose weight fast with the hard boiled egg diet

Eggs is arguably one of the best natural foods and more used by the Italians. This is because they are an excellent source of high quality proteins that contain all the essential amino acids for humans. eggs provide significant amounts of many micronutrients useful for the human body, such as: vitamin A, riboflavin, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, choline, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium

The diet for hard-boiled eggs we propose today is the result of a study published in the Journal Of The American College Of Nutrition. It is a protein diet created to fight obesity. But this diet, which lets you lose 5 kg in one day, is severely discouraged for those suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney disease.

So before you follow the diet or do any diet what we remember, and we recommend, consult your doctor to avoid jeopardizing your health .

Egg diet: folding menu

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The diet's diet boiled eggs which are excellent for losing excess in a short time but we deter it again from those suffering from diabetes, cholesterol and so on.

Monday: breakfast with two 2 boiled eggs and fresh fruit in a fruit salad without added sugar. Lunch: two slices of bread and fruit. Dinner: salad with chicken.

Tuesday: breakfast with two boiled eggs and fruit. Lunch: mixed salad and chicken. Dinner: two boiled eggs, a salad and an orange.

Wednesday: breakfast with two eggs cooked or cooked with tomato and fruit in a sugar-free fruit salad. Lunch: two slices of bread, tomato and a piece of low fat cheese. Dinner: salad with grilled chopped chicken.

Thursday: breakfast with two boiled eggs and one fruit. Lunch: fruit anytime. Dinner: Grilled chicken only. Friday: breakfast with two eggs boiled eggs. Lunch: two boiled eggs and steamed vegetables in free quantities. Dinner: grilled fish and mixed salad

Saturday: breakfast with two boiled eggs. Lunch: grilled steak and mixed salad with salad, cucumber, celery and tomato. Dinner: two boiled eggs and spinach and tomato salad

Sunday: breakfast with green tea and a fruit salad without added sugar. Lunch: baked fish and steamed vegetables. Dinner: baked chicken and steamed spinach.

Diet for hard-boiled eggs was taken from the everyday site

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