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Beatrice Borromeo, loving and impeccable mother in Dior

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  the kings of Monaco on the occasion of Monaco National Day

If we were in a fairy tale of love, the Prince and Princess would undoubtedly Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi . Beautiful, in love, smile: the two have nothing to envy of the fairy tales. What are they really, if you look closely,

On the occasion of Monaco National Day, Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo stole the show from everyone with their charms. On a day of long faces, beginning with Carolina of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock Pierre and Beatrice Monegasque held the flag high, and appeared in full force, in company with their two children. A happy family created and completed. From the balcony of the Royal Palace, Francesco and Stefano respectively 1 and 2 years, greeted their subjects and were spoiled by their parents. The particularly loving Borromeo did not miss an opportunity to kiss and embrace the youngest of the house.

Visibly absent from the event Charlotte Casiraghi . Where will the newlyweds be? In the company of her husband Dimitri Rassam ? There are those who suggest that they are pregnant again and prefer to stay away from prying eyes. Despite the lack of Charlotte, however, the elegance factor was maintained. The young women of the family, Beatrice Borromeo Tatiana Santo Domingo and Alexandra by Hanover were impeccable and all dressed Dior . New mood for Alexandra, with a brown sleeveless coat and black accessories. Tatiana was a diva with maxi hair and pleated skirt. Beatrice, who chose a plaid robe in combination with a dress. For her very large forms it was rumored that she was hiding the third belly under the coat. Whether we are pregnant or not, one thing we know for sure: at the Principality Party Beatrice Borromeo was the most beautiful of all.

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