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Be sure to eat raw meat: here are the consequences!

Certainly one raw meat it can be tasty, especially when flavored with a shower of extra virgin oil, parsley leaves, flakes of Grana Padanoo cheese and black peppercorns. But a lot has to be done Be sure to eat raw meat: here are the consequences!

Eat raw meat

Eat raw meat it is undoubtedly a known taste experience. However, this habit is not widespread because of the possible health risks. Of course, eating raw meat can be free of dangers when faced with a high quality controlled quality food. But it is always better to be forward-looking.

Raw meat it is less digestible than cooked meat, but it is the smallest: eat raw meat it can be risky as it does not expose the meat to cooking and therefore at high temperatures, viruses and bacteria that may have contaminated it is not eradicated but ingested with the meat. For this reason, the consumption of raw meat is especially prohibited for pregnant women in order to avoid being affected by serious pathologies that could jeopardize the health of the pregnant woman and affect the fetus.

Eat contaminated raw meat Serious toxins such as Salmonellos or Campylobacter can be affected, which can lead to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, severe stomach cramps, fever, difficulty breathing up to much more serious complications. The consumption of raw meat can therefore be more risky than the consumption of cooked meat due to the risk of infection by bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

Controlled raw meat

We understand what they are the risks of tasting raw meat. However, if the cut of raw meat to be consumed is of excellent quality and if the hygienic and sanitary rules prescribed by the law have been respected, eating it may not constitute a health risk and should not constitute a risk factor. Fresh meat is served in starred restaurants, as are many preserved raw meats.

Eat raw meat may have gods advantages, really insignificant compared to the risks of consuming it, but there are positive qualities. Eating quality raw meat means that you bite into a juicier food than the cooked one. Raw meat is richer in water which causes the body to hydrate. Raw meat is also richer in minerals and especially iron than cooked meat. For this reason, its consumption in anemia is recommended. Raw meat therefore remineralizes and contains more vitamins than cooked meat. This is because cooking the food determines the distribution of a large part of the nutritional content of the meat, which changes and deteriorates. In particular, cooking is the cooking method that affects the nutritional dispersion due to the thermolabile vitamin.

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