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Arrested the instigator of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galicia

The Maltese police were arrested on suspicion of being the instigator of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galicia, one of the island's most important businessmen.

It is Yorgen Fenech President of Tumas Group (holding company that owns, among others, the most important casinos on the island, including Portomasos) and head of the gas-fired power plant in Malta, on whose bribes Daphne had started working before he was murdered.


Turn for the murder of Daphne. Now the names of the principals

Fenech is also the owner of the notorious Dubai-based company 17Black that identified by Daphne as the vehicle paid for bribery to two members of the Maltese Labor Government , still in service: Chief of Staff Keith Schembri and Minister Konrad Mizzi.


Daphne, in the investigation of the "17 black" mysteries of the murder

The subject of the long investigation conducted by Repubblica with the Daphne project, Fenech was arrested in Maltese territorial waters while on board his yacht he was trying to leave the country.


He tried to escape after being assured that the man was arrested last week, Melvin Theuma the one who had acted as an intermediary with the murderers of Daphne (Vincent Muscat and brothers George and Alfred Degiorgio) had made their name as the principal

who was playing ….

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