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Ancona, panic breaks out at the concert of Sfera Ebbasta: death shattered 6 people. 7 injured in resuscitation (PHOTOS VIDEO)

They were waiting for the concert of Sfera Ebbasta to begin when someone was spraying a stinging substance that triggered panic. At that time, who was in the room rushed to the emergency exit. But once outside the iron gave balustrade: and there the boys fell a lot ( video ). Six people were crushed and were killed by calca . So five minors have died, three girls and two boys between 14 and 16 years old and modern to one of them at the age of 39 in the night between Friday and Saturday at the disco Lanterna azzurra of Corinaldo ] in place Madonna del Piano . The power of attorney investigates several fatal murders and the local seizures. The investigation is carried out by the prosecutor Paolo Gubinelli . Seven people are hospitalized for intensive care. The first investigations revealed that the restaurant's security exits have been opened regularly, but the hypothesis of overpopulation is on its way. "The tickets sold are about 1

400 for a capacity of approximately 870 people," said Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Ancona Monica Garulli . To confirm the dynamics, the quest for Ancona Oreste Capocasa : "After using welding spray – he said – the young have rushed to the emergency exits and immediately after crossing one on the right, they held two the parapets did not iron because they were rusty . There were some youth cases and the others ended. "

They injured – Seven of them are hospitalized in the intensive care and at least five others are in serious condition. Accidents and injuries have reported damage and broken trauma. "We immediately activated the emergency plan and emergency unit, which intervened all night. At 7 o'clock, 7 red codes, two girls and 5 boys between 14 and 20 years for head injury or thorax were all included in the intensive care A girl in Yellow Code is still in clinical evaluation. Three girls and a boy between 14 and 23 are in green code with trauma of the art, which was soon abandoned. red code is considered to be life-threatening, but in stable conditions, doctor at Ancona Hospital says at the disco.

Check Discotheque Capacity – Place Was very crowded and for the concert of ] Stairs – The first Italian artist has entered the top 100 of iTunes – The students had come from all over the region . And in the case of overpopulation the Interior Minister also intervened. "I'm afraid no laws were required," said Matteo Salvini to SkyTg24 and explained that the capacity of the disco was less than 900 people. "We control the firefighters the capacity of the disco and if the facilities were sufficient to accommodate this type of event," said Carabinieri of Ancona Cristian Carrozza reigning the disaster dynamics: "Among the different the hypotheses of triggering cause – he says – there is also the spray spray, we do the investigations. The boys fled in a single direction to the back door about the discosafe; there were stairs ] and rails one and a half meters high to undergo the weight of the boy. " And the premiere also interviews in the tragedy Giuseppe Conte : "Now there is relief and condolences – he wrote – but it is obvious that there are many questions about the responsibility for this tragedy, respect for security rules, which must be clear

Di Maio publishes the names of the victims – "Asia Nasoni, 14, by Senigallia; Daniele Pongetti 16, by Senigallia; Benedetta Vitali 15 years old, from Fano; Mattia Orlandi 15 years old, by Frontone; Emma Fabini 14, by Senigallia; and mother Eleonora Girolimini 39 , by Senigallia. They are young victims of the tragedy of the night. It is absurd to die so. " Writes all names of victims in a post as deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio as at Facebook continues: "As a government – underlines the Deputy Prime Minister – we will clarify the dynamics of history (if they were following all safety rules) and identify those responsible. A hug and a thought of the victim's families and to all injured ". In the morning, the prefect of Ancona Antonio D & # 39; Acunto is a meeting planned with the police forces . Meanwhile, the disco was seized and six security officers were taken to the police station to gather their testimony.

"We saw bodies lying on the ground" – "She was my daughter, she was only 14 years old, you realize …". He can barely continue, writes Ansa and cries in tears in the morning of Ospedali Riuniti in Ancona, the mother of one of the victims. To the woman, supported by a relative, the hygienic gift put a heavy felt on her shoulders to cover herself . Many relatives of young victims speak in tears on the phone, others sit outside structure stunted by pain in an almost unrealistic situation. Parents' parents were assisted at the hospital Torrette by the psychologists of Sep Psychological Rescue Service of the Red Cross . Some of them were waiting for their children outside the disco, also equipped with blankets in their cars to get them home at the end of the concert. For them, psychological help services have been activated.

"We have seen some bodies lying on the ground – said a woman arrived at Torrette of Ancona to help the 14-year-old daughter injured during the crush – covered by white lacquer and a man walking as a sleepwalker … He continued to repeat "my daughter died …". "You can not die like this at fifteen, one thought and a prayer for the six deaths of the night in Marche – said Salvini – and a hope for the thirteen seriously injured in the hospital. It is a commitment to find those who are responsible for these six broken lives, which, for the sake of evil, stupidity or greed, have turned a festive night into a tragedy. Today at 11 o'clock in Piazza del Popolo, one minute of silence to remember these guys. "Meanwhile, the President of the Marche Region Luca Ceriscioli and the President of the Regional Legislative Assembly Antonio Mastrovincenzo cancel the event in March "a celebration celebration that would have held tomorrow, tomorrow will be a sad day for the whole region." Proclaimed sadness of the city to Corinaldo and to Senigallia .

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