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Alba Parietti remembers his son's girlfriend, who died in an accident

A post about what was published by Alba Parietti on his Instagram profile on October 18, 2019, the anniversary of Luana 25 years old died in an accident in 2006.

Alba tells his followers a private pain still very painful, in fact Luana was girlfriend to her son Francesco and does so on the anniversary for the disappearance of the young woman and if Luana's mother killed. "Now that your mother Franca has joined you, I hope she has found peace with you." Because the loss of by a child is the strongest and most comforting pain that can exist in the world. And Alba, who knew Luana well, not as a mother but almost, says that since then she has understood "what was hell ".

It was the night between October 1

7 and 18, 2006. It was the day of your 25th birthday. It was a day when you were waiting for beautiful surprises and on the road, so as not to invest a man on a bicycle, you found death. You will remain in my heart, with your smile, with your beauty with the feeling of injustice that I will never be able to calm. A wound forever the strongest pain in the world for your mother and for Francesco, my son who loved you. And no word or gesture could give comfort and comfort.

That day and the days, during the following months, I understood what the hell it is. And for me it was that feeling of powerlessness compared to everything that had happened and the pain the endless anxiety that followed. Nothing was more equal. Also my way of seeing life. Everything seemed so worthless, but you will always be beautiful, sweet and smiling Luana generous in memory of all of us. In tears that still today every time I think of your life tragically and unfairly broken. Now that your mom Franca has joined you, she hopes she has found peace with you, beautiful love. Unforgettable treasure, Luana loved me in my eyes forever #vittimedellastrada

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