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Adriese champion wins again in succession!

Finally exciting for the section "L & # 39; Eredità" tonight, which saw Niccolò Paganin graduate master, albeit empty since the guillotine for the € 10,000 exchange .

Well it was really eating his fingers, because the young man from Adri somehow knows the right answer, or "fingers", but then he loses himself in a somewhat complicated reasoning, and goes so far as to write "digital ". The same conductor Flavio Insinna is surprised that when they together reconstruct the relationship between hammer, history, touch, pressure and tip he discovers that Niccolò is on the right path.

"I am confused between nouns and adjectives" motivates 31

year old from Adrienne. Inside reply: "You did everything alone." Thus, Paganin has seen € 10,000 slip away and the bitterness is so great.

A byte that is greatly reduced compared to the 160,000 it started from, but the guillotine is huge: before the first four incorrect answers, it has gradually halved & # 39; then Niccolò saved 10 thousand euros by investing in "tips" instead of "plant". Then everything disappeared in the final argument where life became complicated.

What happened, Niccolò?

"I don't remember the second word, but it was always associated with the term digital – he explains with a cool head – I immediately associate the word" digital "with print, since the term technical and medical defines" digital print " , then to connect to the story, understood as the "digital story" with regard to the study of finger development of a hand. So "digital tip", or fingers, and the hammer which can accidentally slide over the fingers so that it is digital " .

But on TV didn't you look so convinced?

"The moment I deliver the card, Flavio makes me think, which makes me think the phrase I had written was correct with respect to my fingers, but I feel that the noun fingers are more appropriate than the digital adjective. Immediately I realize that I didn't have to think of a less accurate and sophisticated term, but more direct and essential. Thinking about the adjective rather than the noun makes me smile because the chance to win the sum to grab it really released my fingers, though I'm happy to have associated a synonymous expression that was perhaps more accurate than what the authors thought. Afraid to fall into banality, I was deceived, but the satisfaction of being one of the masters of the legacy remains. "

In this the error felt the feeling of sitting for the first time more to guillotine or the stress of coming to the end of the section?

"There was no doubt some excitement, but I must say that I felt very tired, both for the episode and for the stress that also accumulated during the earlier evenings."

There is great bitterness , but this does not hide the great satisfaction of graduating, at least for one evening, the champion of "L & # 39; Eredità", a result few Italian can achieve. And tomorrow night, Niccolò Paganin, will still be at Rai Uno: the whole of Adria continues to cheer and hope.

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