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5G technology, Fca demonstrates how cars can communicate with each other

Cars will always be smarter and safer thanks to 5C technology : this came from World Conference and Demonstration, promoted by 5G Automotive Association, an international association that brings together over 130 companies from the automotive and telecommunications industry

The purpose of the event is to promote solutions of connected mobility thanks to the use of new technology. The FCA group also participated in the event and took the opportunity to present the new Uconnect platform . Thanks to this, the car group manages to create a global ecosystem that improves driving experience, both inside and outside the vehicle, with the full potential of 5G technology.

The World Conference and Demonstration has demonstrated how two cars connected through 5G can communicate with each other and with the cloud which significantly improves the safety and quality of driving. Fca Group presented five new systems that can leverage the benefits of 5G technology that will introduce a new generation of high-speed, low-latency communications.

Forward Collision Warning Urban Geo Reference Alert Stationary Vehicle Warning Emergency Electronic Brake Light Warning and See also the names of the interconnection systems are presented by Fca during the event. A step ahead commented by Gilberto Ceresa head of the Global Connectivity Team and Cio Emea & Latam of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: "The Uconnect system will use 5G technology in many more ways than shown ̵

1; he explained the boss "Technology can help change the mobility of the future which revolutionizes how cars are perceived. When 5G becomes a global standard – he added – builders and consumers will be able to make the most of the potential."

The event was also an opportunity to show practical demonstrations of how 5G will improve driving safety. One involved Maserati Levante and Quattroporte who communicated anonymously to one another and exchanged basic information via a direct radio link . The Fcw system detects all frontal collisions and warns the driver while the Ima system provides assistance near the intersections to avoid side collisions.

Vodafone, Fca, Vodafone Automotive, Marelli and Altran also presented See Through system which uses C-v2v communication for to exchange real-time video between cars and expand the driver's field even in limited visibility situations. With another demonstration, Fca presented Cellular Vehicle to to Everything technology (C-v2x): this allows the cars to communicate with each other, with other road users and with the infrastructure also in areas without mobile network coverage, thanks to C-v2c communication which enables the exchange of sensitive information.

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