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Israeli law declares the country "the people of the Jewish people"

The law is now one of more than a dozen basic laws that together serve as the country's constitution and can only be changed by a majority in the Knesset. Two others, on human dignity and on freedom and professionalism, both decided in the 1990s, determine the state's values ​​as both Jewish and democratic.

The foundations supersede the lawful declaration of independence and, unlike ordinary laws, have never been covered by the supreme court of Israel.

Dan Yakir, Supreme Legal Adviser for the Civil Rights Association in Israel, said that while largely declaring only, the new law would "argue that Jews should have privileges and subsidies and rights, because of the special status that this law intends to give to the Jewish people in Israel. "

" In this regard, "he added," this is a racist law. "

He noted that, through the interpretation of the Israeli Supreme Court, a right to gender equality in Israel had been derived from the basic law of human dignity, but that the new law was expressive for raising the status of Jews.

"It is a credible argument that the new basic law can override the right to equality that only triggers, and is not stated anywhere in our constitution," he said.

Adalah, a judiciary striving for Arab rights in Israel warned that the law "prevents the privileges of Jewish citizens while lining up discrimination against Palestinian citizens and legitimizing exclusion, racism and systemic inequality."

Some followers regretted that many of the law's more polarizing clauses had been diluted to ensure passage. Critics tested it as a populist measure largely stemming from the constant competition for voices between Netanyahu's Conservative Party Likud and political rivals.

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