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Israel kills dozens at the Gaza border as the US embassy opens in Jerusalem

Israel has stirred widespread international anger over the use of mortal power against mostly unarmed Palestinian protesters who produced Monday the largest one-day customs of Palestinians killed by Israelis since the Israeli 2014 invasion of Gaza.

Israel said the soldiers had been detained and that many more protesters would die if they tried to enter Israeli territory. But the doctor without borders, International Medical Charity, said on Friday that it had treated more Palestinians at their Gaza clinics in the last month than during the 201

4 conflict and that some of the initials of Israeli ammunition were "fist size". [19659003] The Israeli military fires tear gas cans to reject crowds. Changing winds and gas masks carried by some demonstrators can make the gas ineffective, but the Palestinians have become adept at throwing the capsules back or quickly burying them.

Israel has used rubber bullets as deterrent, but military officials say they are effective only in short distances. Israel says that the soldiers can use live ammunition as a last resort and instructed to target people's ankles or legs.

On Friday, Tselem, a leading Israeli human rights organization, criticized the use of mortal power by the military, said the demonstrations were no surprise and that Israel had "plenty of time to come up with alternative approaches."

"The fact that live shooting is once again the only action the Israeli military uses in the field, provokes terrifying indifference

But the leader of the central left opposition in the Israeli Parliament blamed Hamas for what he called his self-destructive acts. [19659007] "Gaza events are very serious, painful and difficult, but I have to say something, in all fairness," said leader Isaac Herzog in a radio interview. "To those who send them to these protests – violence and violence do not help you. Look at 70 years of history: You have not achieved anything from violence. "

Israel says it opposed Hamas infiltrators, struck back with warriors.

Israel's use of violence on Monday included not only infantry with rifles but also fighter jets and a tank because it refrained from what it said was unsuccessful attempting Hamas to get armed warriors to cross the border.

At least three separate squads of armed Hamas fighters "tried to use rebellion and smoke and dynamics at riots that conceal and then launched an attack on the fence," said Colonel Conricus, a spokesman for Israeli defense forces.

Although he said that the Palestinian warriors carry firearms, he acknowledged that there were no reports of Israeli troops coming under gunfire. An Israeli soldier was hurt by shrapnel from what was thought to be an explosive device , he added.

Attempt to break the fence expanded from five places in earlier protests to 13 on Monday, said Colonel Conricus and called it an "unprecedented violence. "

In retaliation, he said that Israeli jets struck five targets in a Hamas military training facility in the northern Gaza stone and two other Hamas military positions in the area were hit by an aircraft and a tank [19659015] Israel has made it clear by protests that it holds Hamas responsible for violence coming from Gaza, and Colonel Conricus made no apologies for the one-sided body count.

"Hamas is killing Gaza," he said. "On the other hand, we defend our homes."

He said that the Palestinians involved in violence does not deserve to be called demonstrators.

"Whatever comes close to the fence are rioters with the purpose of crossing the fence – nothing else. "

A larger context is scheduled for Tuesday.

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