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Is Zion Williamson's Body Built to Break? Pelicans, NBA Better Hope Not | Bleacher Report

  New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson (1) waits for the game to resume during the first half of a pre-season NBA basketball game against the Utah Jazz in New Orleans, Friday, October 11, 2019. (AP Photo / Tyler Kaufman )

Tyler Kaufman / Associated Press

Finding Greg Oden's name trending on Twitter on October 21

is not what the NBA had in mind just one day before Zion Williamson's expected debut in the regular season against the defending champions.

But that's where the NBA is after the New Orleans Pelicans unveiled the # 1 overall pick undergoing surgery to remove debris from a broken meniscus.

"The term" debridement "suggests that Williamson could undergo a meniscectomy in which the damaged tissue was removed," Jeff Stotts of InStreetClothes.com told.

Pelicans officials identified the injury with a schedule of six to eight weeks of inevitable recovery time, which sets Zion's return sometime between the opening week of December and Chris Tmas.

"The estimated timeline is exactly that, an estimate," Stotts said. It seems likely that Zion's recovery will be fluid, which means he will be assessed as he progresses through rehabilitation and treatment. The Pelican medical staff is likely to take a conservative approach and will not rush back. "

Marking Zion as a" generational athlete "tremendously explores his true value to both the Pelicans and the league. An icon.

Before playing in a single game, he became the most followed novice on social media in NBA history, with 4.9 million followers between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.The Las Vegas Summer League saw the Pelicans opener to the New York Knicks selling ticket prices 193 percent higher than 2018, per the online ticketing market TickPick.The New Orleans home game has risen in price by 72 percent and its

"We took the opportunity to put New Orleans there to get Zion's first game, and the Pelicans and their brand new team, in Toronto," Thomas Carelli, NBA vice president, told The Athletic

The NBA has invested heavily in Zion and the Pelicans, exhibited by their appearances in 30 national video games – including the regular season opener and a Christmas day matchup against the Nuggets – has the league made its intention clear: Zion becomes the new face of the NBA.

From Nike to Gatorade, Panini and NBA2K, brands and companies are falling in line to sign or collaborate with the man former presidents sit alongside to watch.

But with investment comes risk, and Zion is no exception.

6 & # 39; 6 ", 285-pound freight train shows outstanding power, speed and finesse in his game.

Will his combination of size and athleticism break down his body?

" It is important for his long-standing health that he is fully recovering from surgery and any underlying or inherent factors that may have caused the injury are addressed, "continued Stotts.

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