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Is this our first real look at Switch Mini?


Despite the numerous rumors that have circulated around a less-priced Switch Mini console in recent years, Nintendo still has not officially revealed that such a thing exists. For all we know it may be because there is no but these accessories designed specifically for such a console can be an important ingredient in the Switch Mini speculation mix.

Believe it or not, we have talked about the idea of ​​a Switch Mini since April 2017 – just a few weeks after the real deal was released into the world – after analysts predicted a mini variant would start in 201

9. We are now 2019 and these rumors have been reinforced thanks to further, more detailed reports from Nikkei and The Wall Street Journal.

We have now discovered that the Chinese game accessory manufacturer Honson has listed a number of accessories specifically designed for the Switch Mini. Some of the pictures in these lists have an old mock-up on the console (so we would not pay too much attention to it) but if these products are ready for sale, it would suggest that Honson may have received product size info and early schedules for a new switch console before release.

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The picture that is on top of this article, which you can see on Honson's website here, has us particularly fascinated. We can't remember seeing this picture anywhere else, and the console's design looks a bit different than previous mock-ups.

Of course, a reseller list would not have convinced that a new console is definitely in the way, but it is common for new smartphone designs to leak out prematurely because things and accessories are displayed online early. Accessories manufacturers need to have accurate measurements early enough to produce cases in time for a product's launch, so is this what we see here? Although the console design in that image may not be 100% accurate, the case itself should be the right size.

It is also worth noting it back in 2013, Nintendo 2DS revealed – a cheaper 3DS review – in August. Two months later, the console was available for purchase in stores. It really looks possible that we could see a similar quick disclosure and start here.

We have reached out to Honson and will update this story if we hear back.

But what do you think? Do you think a new Switch is on its way? Do you like the idea of ​​a Switch Mini? Fire in the comments below.

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