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Is Kate Middleton really more popular than Meghan Markle?

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were both hugely popular when they married in the British royal family. Their names and faces began to appear on every newspaper and their respective royal weddings were seen by many people around the world.

Although both ladies can get attention like no other, many fans often wonder: which is more popular with ordinary people? Is it really Kate Middleton, who has been in the royal family since 2011? Or can it be Meghan Markle, the newer actress? Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle ” class=”wp-image-1119575″/>

Kate Middleton, Hertzess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle, 19659003]. Read more below to find out.

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According to a survey conducted by the U.K.-based research center, Opinium, 62% of the British public have a positive view of Kate Middleton. But only 39% said the same thing about Meghan Markle.

Kate Middleton's popularity is topped by people like Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Prince Harry – all of whom had a positive rating of 70% or higher.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle is the second-least similar female king. She is just before Prince Charles's wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, who is only approved by 24% of the public.

Kate Middleton has generally been popular with people

Kate Middleton's high marks may not be surprising given the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge has been popular with the British public from the time she joined the royal family.

Although Kate has received her fair share of criticism, especially with regard to her work ethic, many generally approve of her being in the royal family. Meghan Markle has had a tough start in the royal family

Unlike Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle must be dubious and negative. just squeeze in their first year of being in the royal family, which undoubtedly plays a role in her low approval rating.

From family members trying to throw her image into constant rumors that she is celebrating with many people in the royal household and staff, it is no wonder that some citizens do not have a good picture of Meghan Markle.

Moreover, another reason for Megan's negative ratings is also the fact that she differs from the rest of the king. Meghan Markle is a biracial divorce who likes to do things in her own way and does not follow the traditions she does not agree with.

There are definitely many people who love Meghan to be a fresh air, but at the same time it is obvious that some are not happy with a royal family member who is so different from what they have been told. 19659003] Can Meghan Markle increase its popularity?

It is important to note that this survey is not an end-all, where-everything. Popularity ratings change all the time and there is hope that the general views of Meghan Markle can be more positive when time goes on.

For example, Camilla Parker Bowles was extremely unpopular when she married Prince Charles in 2005 because of her commitment to Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage.

But Camilla's approval rating has gone up over the years thanks to her commitment to charity work and the other kings who show their love and respect.

Meghan Markle is in a different situation than Camilla, but the public can definitely warm up to her over time. It also helps that she is now a mother. Kate Middleton's approval rating with the public (as well as the Queen) went up when she had children and people saw how well she was raising them, so there is no doubt that the same thing can happen to Meghan in the near future.

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