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Is Arya secretly dead? This great clue shows that she can be

Warning: Season 8,
Episode 5 spoilers ahead. Of course.

The Thrones game still fans the events that took place during the second-last episode of the series. There was so much death, destruction, revenge and surprise twists that the viewers were on the edge all the time. Most seriously, Daenery's Targaryen went full Mad Queen and burned the whole city down.

Show creator David Benioff and D.B. Weiss intentionally
showed the entire episode from the ground, after Arya Stark she navigated
the burning streets and the dying citizens. The fans were nervous about the beloved
character and feelings
ran high
for the whole episode. Somehow she survived the destruction and left
the destroyed city on a white horse that appeared out of nowhere.

Or did she survive? Some fans have an interesting
about the end that can change everything.

  Arya Stark
Arya Stark | HBO

Fans believe they found evidence that Arya is secretly dead on "Game
of thrones "

After spending what felt like hours wandering in the streets, Arya Stark flew narrowly by being crushed by a crumbling building for what feels like a hundred times. She appears dirty and stunned to a fancy quiet world of ash and walls. The impression is that everyone and everything is dead.

Then comes a white horse from nowhere.After the two change an exciting moment, the Arya mounts the ladder and rides off to hopefully plan an act of revenge for his new enemy "Mad Queen. But fans ask how she will be able to defeat Dany. They wonder how she managed to survive the siege when almost no one else did. Then there are skeptical fans wondering if Arya actually died during the episode and no one knew it.

  Arya Stark
Arya Stark | HBO

The horse looked way too familiar

Remember the horse that led the Golden Company at the beginning of the episode? Fans cannot be left to notice that it looks practically like the horse that goes in to save the day at the end. But here's the problem: we had just seen that horse die at the beginning of the episode.

As a fan said, "Yes, I'm cute
Certainly, Arya is also dead. She was burned and a building fell on her. The
made a point to show us the death of the horse and the countless deaths of
Arya. And yet they both rise from the ashes. If this is not a master of light
shit, I'll be damned. "

Even though Arya is dead, it doesn't
thinks she's gone

  Maisie Williams as Arya Stark on
Maisie Williams as Arya Stark on "Game of Thrones" | Helen Sloane / HBO

Skeptics of the theory point out
that Arya appears in the preview for the last episode, which they say is
evidence she is not dead. But everyone who has watched the show knows it
Death is only occasional at times. Just look at Jon Snow. And Beric. And the mountain.
Death is not a permanent end – sometimes it's just the beginning.

Arya has become an integral part of the show and it is all but guaranteed that we have not seen the last of her … even though she died in King's Landing. 19659003] We can't wait to see what happens

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