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Is Adrian Peterson a good fit with Redskins?

Adrian Peterson is one of the best drivers in the NFL story.

But is he the best back for Redskins right now?

Redskins signed Peterson, 33, and a 12-year-old NFL veteran, for a one-year contract. They have suffered injuries in current condition, especially the loss of the second round, choosing Derrius Guice for the season with a demolished ACL. They did not make any moves when the diagnosis was announced a and a half ago. But they lost two more backs against short-term injuries last Thursday and they decided that it's time to go out and get someone.

Is the need to run back really there? Rob Kelley was the starter for the last half of the 2016 season and for seven games last year before a series of diseases sent him to injured reserve. Sammy Perine became the starter after that and while he struggled in time, he also showed growth potential.

Kelley is 25 and Perine is 22. In the absence of Guice, they can develop and when Guice returns next year, the team should have a good stable of young backbones.

But now Peterson is in the picture. We still do not know what his role will be, but they did not sign him to be back inactive on the match days. He will get some berries and it will take work from Perine and Kelley.

If Peterson is more productive than any of the two younger ridges, it's a valuable byte. But what has he left in mind at the age of 33?

Last year he played for Saints and Cardinals 529 meters on 1

56 berries, a very pedestrian part of 3.4 years per berry. It is very similar to Perine's production, which had 175 for 603 meters, an average of 3.4. In his two years in NFL, Kelley has an average of 3.9 meters per berry.

By signing Peterson, the reddish hopes that Peterson has an additional year, or at least one year after his standards, remains in him. After all, it was only 2015 that he led the NFL in rush for the third time in his career as he ran for 1,485 meters and an average of 4.5 meters per berry. The redskins would be happy if he could get half of the total.

A subscriber can only be evaluated when the contract details are available. We only know that it is a yearly agreement and, according to some reports, he received no money guaranteed at the time of signing. It seems to be a legal affair, but we must see what can kick in if he is on week 1 roster.

As with anything else, time will tell if this move goes out. If the money is right, it's a low-risk transaction with some possible upwards for Washington.

Back during the minicamp when talking about how fast Alex Smith would have to go quickly, Jay Gruden said that Redskins is not in a rebuilding mode and that they need to win now. Following the trade with Smith, the Peterson signature is another indication that patience can wear thin.

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