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Iowa official, avid Tupac fan Jerry Foxhoven says rap texts he quoted did not get him fired

Left: Jerry Foxhoven in 2013. (Charlie Litchfield / Des Moines Register / AP). Right: Tupac Shakur 1996. (Mike Segar / Reuters)

Jerry Foxhoven had some wisdom to convey.

Then, the director of the Iowa Department of Human Services, Foxhoven, awarded some career councils to one of his agency's 4,300 employees.

"Yes, let's talk," he wrote in an email. "I can surely relate, since I've done plenty of career changes from time to time and haven't regretted any of them."

Or added with the words of his favorite staircase poet philosopher: "We need to make a change. It's time for us as a people to start Makin" some changes. "

It wasn't the first time he quoted Tupac Shakur to his staff – and it was far from the only time a proclivity that some speculated eventually led to his ouster.

The ex-government official and self-described "66-year-old white guy" has reportedly been a devoted to the lyrical luminary since the 1990s, he hosted "Tupac Fridays" and turned the office into a listening lounge. On his birthday, the staff gave him pastries decorated with the rapper's resemblance and the names of his biggest hits.

Then he sent it June 14 the one who would be his last public utility e-mail that celebrates the man who sometimes passed by moniker "Makaveli." Father's day came up, noted Foxhoven, and it was two important anniversaries: his own TV year as head of department and Shakur's birthday.

"I hope you all can enjoy the day also to enjoy one of his songs," wrote Foxhoven. "" Don't think of those who talk behind your back, it simply means you're two steps ahead. ""

The next working day, Foxhoven had to resign.

The timing of the e-mail and the Foxhov's departure – along with the breadth of his fandom – was first reported by the Associated Press, which received more than 350 pages of e-mails containing the words "Tupac" or "2Pac" in response to the public record request .

But in interviews with other news organizations, Foxhoven has expressed doubts that it was his love for Shakur who called on Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) to request resignation.

"I think it's a coincidence," Foxhoven told the New York Times, adding that Reynolds had requested a meeting with him days before his June 14 email.

"I always try to take the best of all, and I can't imagine [the governor] would base their decision on the Tupac incident," he told the NPR. "If this is the reason, I'm really disappointed."

Reynolds spokesman Pat Garrett addressed the Washington Post to a statement he gave to the AP, attributing Foxhov's termination to "many factors". But he didn't answer questions about Foxhov's Shakur fixation and whether it played a role.

Foxhoven did not respond to repeated interview requests.

A message suggests that someone at the department had complained to lawmakers about the frequent quotes and in another exchange, Foxhoven admitted that not everyone liked them.

"I love your 2pac messages … and the fact that you still send them (despite the hates) makes me appreciate them even more," an employee wrote to him.

"I fully agree. I will hang on to him – despite all the naysayers, Foxhoven replied.

According to NPR reporter Tim Mak, who frequently documented the content of the email dump on his Twitter page, replied the positive responses far above negative reactions.

"Oh my gosh !!! I absolutely love it !! "Another staff wrote .

" Thanx to share it 🙂 "said another.

Foxhoven told Mak that he often uses his love for rap to" reach out to our staff, tell them I am human, have a little liveliness. "On the 22nd anniversary of Shakur's death in a Las Vegas ticket, Foxhoven admitted to an employee that he" might seem a little down ". [19659024] He said he started listening to Shakur's music nearly 30 years ago when the rapper was still alive "He is a West Coast guy," he said, referring to a famous beef between the East and West coast rappers and his other favorite artist is Snoop Dogg. Reynolds, who appointed and praised Foxhoven in June 2017, told him last month that she decided to "go in a different direction," reported AP.

It is unclear what, farewell message Foxhoven sent to his team. But, if he had a chance, he could have chosen the last bar from one of Shakur's rare songs:

"And that's crazy, it seems it will never go up. But please, you have to stay up. "

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