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Invite down to four ownership groups (Report)

And then there were four. The New York Met’s sales story is closer to one, as only four ownership groups remain in the bidding war.

Scott Soshnick of Sportico reports that the New York Mets are down to four bidders. Hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen, athletes Joshua Harris and David Blitzer, celebrity couple Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez and a mystery deal. Soshnick also reports that SNY is off the table.

Steve Cohen is the favorite in every sense. He has the most money to spend, his $ 2 billion bid was the highest in the first round, and he is the fans’ choice. It should come as no surprise that he goes on to round two.

Harris and Blitzer are seen by most as the most likely second place right now. They have enough money to increase the bid if needed, they have a total share of 6.6 billion dollars and have experience of buying and running sports franchise companies already. In fact, they are the main owners of two American sports franchises ̵

1; the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils.

Their opening bid is currently unknown, but the New York Post reported that it was close to $ 1.7 billion. That puts them in the same league as J-Rod’s bid.

It may come as a shock to some to see J-Rod come this far. The celebrity couple almost lost the running months ago due to lack of finances. Now they have put together a bid in the region between 1.7 and 2 billion dollars. That puts them in the hunt to buy the Queens-based franchise.

It does not hurt that their bids are stacked with star power. Apart from Rodriguez and Lopez, the bid also has a number of current and former athletes. There is nothing to say how Wilpons or MLB feel about the potential marketing ability of such a star-studded group. That may be enough to tip the scales back in favor of J-Rod even though their initial bid was lower than Cohen’s.

The Mystery Bidder is the real wild card here. It’s probably not Reuben Brothers or Kurt Rappaport because both are well-known bidders. It will either be someone who has hidden their interest well or potentially someone who has not even submitted the bidding yet.

One possibility is CK McWhorter’s ownership group. They were not on the original list of seven bidders pre-approved by MLB. Still, he is known for pushing for a shot to bid for the team. He has made a bid of $ 1.8 billion and even has the support of Mets legend Darryl Strawberry.

The race is finally going again. With only four bidders left, Mets fans should have hope that a deal is made before the end of the year.

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