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Internet responds to half-life: Alyx

It's 2019. Valve just announced a new Half-Life game . All bets are now off. Cancel yourself. Buy a lottery. Do not fail to win the lottery. Buy multiple tickets. Fails again. Give up. Sell ​​your car so you can rent. Go online. Find out that the new Half-Life is a VR game. Put an annoyed tweet about how you can't afford it. Live your dreams.

Half-Life: Alyx announced yesterday by Valve in what still feels like an impossible fever dream but was actually just a post on Twitter, will be the company's "flagship VR game." This has left the fans in an odd place. On the one hand, it is more Half-Life . Finally! After more than a decade of waiting. On the other hand, it is not Half-Life 3 and in addition it is a VR game, which means it will require an expensive headset and a powerful computer. While it makes sense that Valve would like to create a killer app for its Valve Index VR platform it has still been a bitter pill to swallow for some of the Half-Life song song fans . How they say:

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