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Influencer Ashley Stock’s daughter dies after battling brain cancer

Ashley Stock


Instagram influencers and bloggers Ashley Stock is facing every parent’s worst nightmare with remarkable strength.

Stock shared the heartbreaking news with his 325,000 followers as a daughter stevie, 3, died Wednesday, May 27, after a battle with brain cancer. It was just over a month ago that a doctor at the Los Angeles Children̵

7;s Hospital diagnosed toddlers with DIPG, a rare and aggressive tumor with zero percent survival.

“At 13.05 on May 27, Stevie took her final breath in our arms,” ​​Stock wrote on Instagram. “There have been many miracles and countless moments of God that I will express when my heart is in strength. At the moment I am overwhelmed with relief that she is at peace but I also feel crushed by a pain so intense I cannot say it in words. ”

“We have full faith that there is a greater purpose to this tragedy (and it has already been developed through your stories of renewed hope), but unfortunately, faith is not a” get out of pain-free “card, and that’s okay, she continued. “I do not know how to do it, so for now we continue one day at a time held by God’s grace, support from loved ones and prayers from strangers who have become friends.”

With support from husband Boneand their sons Wesley, 10 also Sawyer7, Ashley was able to document much of Stevie’s journey on social media. On May 15, the Stock family and their loved ones came together to celebrate the baby’s third birthday.

“Between the pain,” her proud mother described in a tribute, “she smiles and giggles and admires her glitter nails and asks us to get her more surprises and blueberry muffins. Her verbal communication ability diminishes more each day but how she communicates with her eyes has a wisdom and a knowledge far beyond my own. “

“She does not know what is happening, but she knows what is happening. And she is brave as hell. And strong. And gracious. When she is full watch, I will see her generously give comfort and love to an aching soul that is near her – like some of her knows how much her sweet hug or sleepy kiss will be cherished forever, ”Ashley continued.

Stevie’s health problems became apparent to her mother and father when she was admitted to the hospital in April “because of rapidly declining motor function.”

Ashley shared at that time that after meeting “dozens of the best pediatric neurologists, neurosurgeons and oncologists” Stevie would go home to comfortably spend time with her family.

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