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Infinity Ward tease variant of Gunfight mode in Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward have been praised for their communications and transparency surrounding the Gunfight Alpha that was released on August 22. The Alpha is (for most players) the first opportunity to play Infinity Ward's latest CoD installation and, as expected, they have a wealth of feedback for the developers.

Infinity Ward have generally been very good at responding to this feedback and have confirmed they are working on a number of aspects of the game.

Infinity Ward

The Gunfight Alpha was a shock announcement on Infinity Ward's behalf.

However, on August 24, Infinity Ward co-design director Joe Cecot replied to a fan's inquiry as to the potential of altering one of Gunfight's core mechanics.

Gunfight is a 2v2 entirely based on the elimination of the enemy team in order to win the round, with the first team winning six rounds winning the match.

One fan asked the question via Reddit: “Can you make a 2v2 respawn mode as well? Like a first to 20 type mode? ”

In response Joe Cecot simply wrote that“ we (Infinity Ward) have some things ”.

It certainly seems like Infinity Ward are willing to vary the way Gunfight works, given the fact that one main complaint players have had is that the 'one-life' nature of Gunfight means rounds can end very quickly, and too much time is spent loading next rounds, or matches themselves.

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