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When Kiai Ma'Ruf Amin was invaded by the Socialists

ARRAHMAH.CO.ID – Prof. visit DR. KH Ma rd Amin (KMA) in Pontianak, Western Kalimantan (Western Calimantan), Saturday (9/15/2018), is not only welcome enthusiastically by activists, local leaders and local religions.

When they are hosted by activists Kalbar of RM Pondok Kakap, Jl. Ismail Marzuki No.33A, Continental Malay Land, Pontianak, West Kalimantan, a number of residents who happened to stay there and crammed to kiss KMA's hand. Even when the banquet was over and the KMA group would return to the consolidation arena in the Nahdlatul Ulama Century at Mahkota Hotel, a number of groups of mothers, including celebrities Lidya Kandou, KMA asked time to search and take pictures.

strong, still dashing. I said, okay! "Said Lidya

Although he claimed he did not understand politics, he preferred in this presidential election, according to Lidya, of the two existing Jokowi-Ma ruf Amin couples." I am optimistic that he can lead this nation. He is a protection against religious harmony. Particularly with Jokowi. The performance is clear. Nevertheless, I support what has proved to be good, "added Lidya.

While KMA's national coordinator coordinator Hery Haryanto Azumi expressed her optimism, the candidate candidate candidate from Jokowi-KMA could achieve maximum support from the mothers and thousands." 1

9659003] " Especially if they learn more about Kiai's profile, thoughts and movements that consistently pushed society's economy and fair distribution of economic access to society. What must be understood is that Kiai inflames the economic spirit of the small society without contradicting the elite and conglomerate. Kiai actually encouraged conglomerates to synergize with small communities to strengthen the national economy. Invite everyone to unite for the nation and state, "said General Secretary Majlis Dhikr Hubbul Wathon.

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