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Sick Heart, Jane Shalimar Remove Vanessa Angel Videos and Photos

Jane Shalimar was disappointed with Vanessa Angel?

Dream – Jane Shalimar was obviously really disappointed with Vanessa Angel. To the extent that Jane removed the video and the photo with the new model tripped over the problem in Surabaya.

One of the deleted uploads was a video of Jane with Vanessa in a hotel room. The video was taken when Jane followed Vanessa taken by the police.

The video was annotated and contained Jane's determination to always accompany and support Vanessa. Jane promised that she would always be next to Vanessa.

"I will never let you go alone. As long as always, I will always stand by your side. To the moon and back lil sissy. " wrote Jane Shalimar.

Jane followed Vanessa who was arrested by the police. He was willing to fly from Jakarta to Surabaya to support friends who were affected by the problem. . angel-1

901093_potrait.jpg "alt =" Download Curhatan Disappointment Jane Shalimar Vanessa Angels satire? "Title =" Download Curhatan Jane Shalimar Disappointment Vanessa Angel? Shalimar and Vanessa Angel (Abbas / Kapanlagi.com )

The video is now no longer visible on Jane Instagram, she removed the video, as well as several pictures with Vanessa.

Before you deleted the video and the pictures, Jane also wrote down the disappointment on Instagram Story, and in the upload Jane knew she had done its utmost with sincerity and sincerity, but she was accused of taking advantage of the action.

] After everything has been done according to his will, it turns back and forth as if we are looking for the scene … , "wrote Jane Shalimar, quoted by Dream, R abu January 9, 2019. [19659011] 2 out of 5 pages

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