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Nikahi, a 70-year-old pensioner for money, finally regrets this young woman

TRIBUN-MEDAN.com Sometimes economic conditions are the main reason why women marry a man, regardless of other conditions.

This woman can be the only one, she marries a man of long age older than him for economic reasons who made him fall in love.

Love history took place 8 years ago, but on November 6, this woman expressed regret for her marriage, which was reported by Bastill Post . 19659002]. He admitted that he regretted having married the old man who became her husband and claimed that he felt very stupid.

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0 years of sleep in insomnia with wives, this is the reason!

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Her husband, Ngô Thanh Học, is a 70-year-old veteran from the same village.

But this woman is often called Yu and her husband is called Nortel Hao.

His other love story took place eight years ago.

Nortel Hao at that time was a senior veteran who had a decent amount of money with retirees and gold each month.

Because of that, Yu's 27 was interested in Nortel who often visited his family.

  Yu and her present husband

Bastille Post

Yu and her husband who were much older.

Because of that, the relationship became closer, so they finally decided poison

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