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Indonesia frees Canadian accused of using magic forces to abuse children

BANGKOK – A Canadian educator who said he was sentenced to 11 years' imprisonment for child sexual abuse at a Jakarta school has been recognized and returned to Canada, his family said on Friday.

In 2015, Neil Bantleman, an administrator at the prestigious intercultural school in Jakarta, was sentenced with six Indonesians on the basis of which critics were considered to be a defective police investigation and preventive evidence.

Among the evidence submitted at the trial was alleged that Sir Bantleman had used magic powers to seduce the children and make the scenes in his crime invisible.

"Five years ago, I was wrongly accused and convicted of crimes that I did not commit and, moreover, never occurred," says Bantleman in a statement. 19659005] "I applied for a complaint that I was pleased with in Indonesia last month, which upheld the necessary justice and human rights," said Mr Bantleman, who spent most of the time

The high-profile trial challenged police jurisdiction, justice in Indonesia's legal system and Indonesia's desire for foreigners to live and work.

The office of President Joko Widodo said Mr Bantleman was granted complaints on June 19.

The six Indonesian judges in the case – a teacher's assistant, Ferdinand Tjiong, and five school nurses – who also kept their innocence, have not received affection, even though they were released on the slogan earlier this year after serving half of their opinion reported local news media.

Originally, the claims were initiated by a 6-year-old boy's mother who said he had been sexually abused in school.

During the question, the boy told the police that Sir Bantleman had kept him from feeling pain during attacks by introducing a "magic stone" into his anus, and that the gentleman Bantleman had dropped the stone from the forest y. No stone was ever presented as evidence .

A sixth caretaker died in the police custody during a break in his hearing. Photographs of his body showed signs of physical abuse, but no autopsy was performed.

Four caretakers confessed to crime but later withdrew their confessions and said they had been pulled out during torture. Another caretaker, the only woman guilty of the case, has always kept his innocence.

The sexual assault is said to have occurred in 2013 or the first half of 2014, but the police have never established specific dates when some of the events were alleged to have occurred, making it impossible for the defendants to present alibis.

The children also said they were played during the attacks, but no recordings were ever found.

The defense claimed that there was no medical evidence indicating that any of the children had been abused. But the court refused to accept a report from a Singaporean doctor who examined the boy whose statements led to the investigation and found no evidence of abuse.

The police said they did not find any connection between the two employees and the five caretakers, except that the boy claimed that he was exposed to them all.

The boy's mother sentenced the school to $ 125 million, but the cost was later rejected. Earlier this year, she filed a similar $ 120 million costume against the seven convicted.

The Supreme Court of Jakarta was angry with Bantleman and Mr Tjiong in 2015 and ordered them to be released. But six months later, the Supreme Court resumed its convictions and added another year to its sentences.

School school gathered behind Mr Bantleman and Tjiong, and the American ambassador at that time, Robert O. Blake, was a stated lawyer on their behalf.

The school, which the United States helped establish, attracts students from more than 60 countries, including children of wealthy Indonesians, foreign business executives and diplomats.

In his statement, Bantleman thanked the Canadian government for helping secure his release, and for his wife Tracy, who defended him relentlessly during his trial.

"Thanks to our family and friends around the world and to all our colleagues in the international school community who have kept us up and kept us strong and true to our values ​​throughout this trial," he said. "Tracy and I are very happy to be at home and reunited with our family."

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