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SkyShuttle launches Jets and helicopter flights from next week

NEW DELHI: The Indian clouds are keen to see an ubiquitous revolution in the Jet Space store with SkyShuttle launch of shared business flights and helicopter flights from next week.

The company launches scheduled business flights between Mumbai and Bengaluru and helicopter services from Juhu Airport to industrial cities like Vapi and Tarapur. The flights on the Mumbai-Bengaluru line will be operated with an aircraft between 6 and 14 seats, depending on the booking.

"These are essentially flights with a company's luxury jet flight but with schedule. So a passenger does not have to be at the airport two hours before the flight and will also save time in Bengaluru because our flight lands at the old airport in Bengaluru located within the city "Kanika Tekriwal, founder of SkyShuttle told ET. SkyShuttle is wholly owned by JetSetGo ̵

1; founded by Tekriwal and has cricketer Yuvraj Singh as its investor.

Fliers in the Mumbai-Bengaluru area will soon be able to reach the airport only 15 minutes before flight departure and land at the older airport in Bengaluru, provided they are ready to spend a little extra. The company also launches helicopter services from Juhu Airport in Mumbai to industrial cities like Vapi and Tarapur.

While the price to Bengaluru costs between Rs 16,000 and Rs 38,000 per passenger, helicopter flights cost up to Rs 35,000 per passenger.

Analysts say there is a market for flights in this segment, but pricing must be correct. "The pricing will be the key to these flights to attract business travelers on a commercial flight. A business class passenger would easily give up to 50% more than the business class prices for the incentives these flights offer. Actors or cricketers or businessmen may be likely to These flights and I expect that top 20% of the total business class passengers will be their likely passengers, says Sharat Dhall, COO, B2C at Yatra.com, India's second largest online travel portal.

Tekriwal said that SkyShuttle has an investment of about Rs 12 crore from its promoters in the first three months and looks at various other ways to expand.

"We are planning to start another two sectors in November and explore Bangalore Cuddapa, Chennai Madurai and Kolkata Jamshedpur routes," she said.

She added that the company is ultimately planning to start Vertical Start and Landing (VTOL) airplanes. "With SkyShuttle, we try to understand how customers travel. What should they pay and infrastructure? Our goal is to move to VTOL's hopefully," she said. In particular, Uber has announced plans to launch its ridesharing service Uber Air in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru in 2023. Uber has said that short-term ticket prices will be around Rs 200 for a kilometer and the company believes it may fall to Rs 50 per km.

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