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In the midst of adversity, Trump doubles the GOP candidate in Louisiana

Edwards and Rispone meet in a general election on Saturday. The tight race is gaining national attention because Republicans are worried about sustaining a second gubernatorial loss in a largely conservative state.

Earlier Thursday, Kentucky Governor Bevin admitted his Democratic opponent, State Attorney Andy Beshear, who narrowly won the vote last week. Trump had also campaigned in Kentucky, as part of his dive in a handful of red states – including Kentucky and Louisiana – in an attempt to emerge from under the shadow of impeachment. During Thursday's rally, Trump still claimed that he "would have picked him up a lot" ̵

1; citing the close result while washing his hands at Bevin's loss.

"The headlines: Trump made a loss," the president said of the Kentucky race. "So you have to give me a big profit, please. OK?" the state would be a major setback in Team Trump's campaign against impeachment drama being played in Washington.

Not because impeachment did not play a significant role in the presidential campaign efforts. the party for what he characterized as an attempt to rescind the 2016 election and disregarded the will of his constituents. leader of the impeachment investigation.

Trump also took a cynical turn during the rally, saying that Republicans in Congress wanted the procedural procedures to continue because it riled their constituents. But the president, who seemed more tired and less enthusiastic than in previous meetings, asked for everything to end.

"My whole life is crazy. What life I lead, he said. "You think this is fun, right? But it's been very difficult for my family."

In just under an hour and ten minutes, Thursday's rally was one of his shortest in months, and he hardly ever raised his voice or introduced new insults.

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