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In the fight to save Houston’s most vulnerable

Hector, a hard working, sociable father of three, loves dancing, Mexican music and horses. He came to Methodist in late June for symptoms related to metastatic cancer. He received high-dose chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, which doctors thought had a chance to cure him. But the treatment also boosted his immune system and lowered his defenses against infection.

“I believe in God that I will get over this.”

Days later, he developed fever, diarrhea, vomiting, cough and difficulty breathing and he tested positive for the coronavirus. The doctors believed that he caught it in the hospital, despite many precautions taken to prevent it from spreading. He was offered the last place in a study of experimental plasma treatment, but he was confused and rejected it.

“They miss their father,” said his wife, Nancy Bravo, of their children. “They are not used to him not coming home.”

His wife, Nancy Bravo, said the coronavirus’ biggest threat was exposing people like her husband. “Society must protect the weak and the sick,” she said. “He’s just a really good person with a lot of desire to continue living and fighting for his children.” From his hospital bed, Hector urged people to take the virus seriously.

How’s it going? Does it OK? “

Translation “He is very friendly, he loves to dance.

To all people who do not believe that coronavirus exists:

On July 22, Hector had an unexplained seizure and doctors inserted a breathing tube to save his life. He remains on a ventilator, with medication that keeps him deeply sedated, and his condition has deteriorated sharply in recent days. On Monday, doctors told Nancy that they no longer believed he would survive. “Just do not disconnect him, for a miracle may happen,” she begged, and they assured her that they would continue to treat him. She asked to visit, but was told that it was not possible due to the pandemic. Instead, the family joined in prayer on a video call, with an employee pointing a camera at Hector.

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