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In-Store Merchandising: How to Appeal to Customers

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In-store merchandising, also known as visual merchandising, is the placement and presentation of items in a retail outlet. To get an idea of exactly what in-store merchandising is, take a stroll into your local mall and pay attention to how brands dry to draw your eye to their business with certain displays and fixtures. Whilst the concept of in-store merchandising may seem complicated at first, it is actually fairly simple to master once you decide on your brand goals. In today’s article, we have a look at how you can appeal to customers with in-store merchandising, so read on to find out more!

  1. Consider a Planogram

Have you ever heard of a planogram? Planograms are a very effective tool that can assist any business in their visual merchandising journey. Shelf planograms are a digital and visual representation of a store’s products and services on display. Your planogram will follow a model that will indicate exactly where you should be placing your items in-store in order to maximise sales. A planogram can also assist you in creating assigned selling potential to every square foot of space in your retail outlet, thus maximising your physical space and its capabilities. 

  1.    Use Effective Signage

Effective signage is a key component in the success of any retail outlet. Signage is a fantastic way to direct customers to certain key products as well as grab their attention. Effective signage will ideally be bold, bright and visually appealing. You also have the option of using physical signage or digital signage. In today’s fast-paced world, we highly recommend utilising digital signage as it allows a business to deliver more relevant and personalised messages to shoppers. Digital signage can also be changed quickly and with minimal downtime. 

  1.    Create Focal Points

It is not uncommon for retail businesses to create focal points around the store in order to draw attention to certain products or services. One of the best ways to create a focal point is with effective use of colour. In most retail outlets, you’ll notice a large amount of colour being utilised, especially at the front of the store. Creating multiple focal points in your store should be the goal, and using lighting and colour is one of the best ways of doing so. Since visual merchandising is such an intuitive process, we highly recommend getting second or third opinions before running with your idea. 

  1.    Maximise Your Visibility

One of the best visual merchandising tips is to ensure that you expose your customers to as many products as possible. Of course, this should be the goal of any business. The more items or products a customer is exposed to, the higher the chance of them making a purchase. By showing as much merchandise to your customers as possible, you will not only attract the attention of customers but also create a sense of abundance. It is, however, important to take note that you always keep merchandise looking neat and avoid sloppy messes as this can prove to be a detriment when trying to attract customers to your retail outlet

  1.    Make Use Of Empty Space

Have you identified the most underutilised space in your retail outlet? Chances are it is the space between the ceiling and your displayed merchandise. When it comes to in-store merchandising, using every bit of space you can is important. You can fill the empty spaces with signage or display lifestyle graphics for customers to make associations with your products. Empty and open space is just another element of your overall story, so making use of it is a fantastic way to draw customers in. 

In-store merchandising, when done right, has the potential to attract hundreds of new customers to your establishment. We hope that this article has given you a few ideas on how you can utilise in-store merchandising to appeal to customers.