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In February, California accounted for almost three-quarters of US jobs

California accounted for nearly three of all four non-farm jobs created in the United States in February, according to information released on Friday.

1; the fifth largest economy in the world – has added more than 3.13 million jobs since the economic expansion began in February 2010.

The state official added to comparing California's share of the nation's job profits each month with its size in national economy also shows many months when the state surpasses the nation and many when it settles.

"February 2019 stands out because California's work improvement was great in relation to the nation's exceptionally small profit," he said. "You might as well watch January and ask why California's 5,900 job posting was so small in relation to the country's 311,000 job gain."

Still, Henry said it might be meaningful to look at trends over several months and not a single month as February.

"The nation had a larger annual work increase than California in February 2019, 1.7 percent to 1.3 percent," he said. "However, it is too early to determine whether this is a temporary phenomenon or not. California has had a stronger annual job growth than the nation for the expansion balance."

Meanwhile, California's unemployment rate in February remained at 4.2 percent, the state reported Friday. It remains ahead of US unemployment, which was 3.8 percent in February.

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