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Impossible Foods next product is sausage

The sausage ingredients are only slightly different than the burger's. The main flavoring still comes from the "heme" – the blood-like soybean chemoglobin that the company deletes as its secret sauce – but in smaller quantities. The potato protein from the burger has been removed, which the company says gives the meat a bouncy consistency.

"One of the important things was that even if the sausage was new, it was really dependent on the platform we already had," said David Lipman, impossible chief scientist. "The ingredients are very very similar, but the conditions are different and they are different in ways that make quite deep differences."

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<p>  Sausage meat became a viable next product, partly because it shares these ingredients, according to CEO Pat Brown, and also said the company's" number one goal "is still expanding the production of its herbal beef alternative. </p>
<p> "We had a couple of customers who came to us who asked for a sausage product," he told Engadget. "Right now, the biggest challenge for us, that is, a scaling production. When we think of a new product, it is a very big consideration how it fits into our workflow. We see a ready way to make this happen." </p><div>
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These similarities went well for the company's "meat platform" height. It would be a first demonstration that Impossible can make a completely different meat flavor similar to only minimal tweaks to its ingredients and manufacturing process. If customers like to eat it, it is – how and where the impossible sausage will be available yet has not been announced.

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