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"I'm Paul Walker" Documentary Trailer comes here fans in the feeling – VIDEO

It seems impossible to be true, but November 2018 will mark five years since the world lost actor Paul Walker. Now that the trailer of the Paul Walker documentary I am Paul Walker finally arrived, trust that it will make fans feel all they ever felt for the fast and furious actor at once. Moving between a young Walker's home, cutting off his film roles and interviewing those who knew and loved him the most, this first look requires a lot of tissues to get through.

The documentary was made for Paramount Network – formerly known as Spike TV – and it looks seriously emotional. Fortunately, they do not try to market it differently. For example, here's how the network describes I'm Paul Walker in the description box on YouTube:

Father. Humanitarian. Friend. Paul Walker was a living life, and his legacy of kindness and compassion continues to inspire others.

At this time, fans should know that there will not be a windy and easy-going look at the actor and the humanitarian life. It promises the depth and nuance of all major documentaries, although a new rebranded channel like Paramount seems like a surprising home for it.

In addition to the film's actor, the documentary will include interviews with Walker's brother and sister; costars from Fast & The Furious franchise and more. It's a must-see of any fan of his ̵

1; even a relaxed.

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"He lived five lifetimes," says director Wayne Kramer early in the trailer, with childhood staff and professional stuntman Oakley Lehman adds that Walker was a "Gun-toting hippie; [a] balance opposites, one lover and a fighter. "Involved in these anecdotes are clips of Walker in his youth or behind the wheel and generally adoring life – everything as his friends and family clearly wants fans to remember about him.

Among the discussions about his work and life, a consistent thread is shown: Paul Walker absolutely loved his life, and he was determined to live it fully at every opportunity. He was close to his siblings and his daughter, Meadow, and made such an impact on his Fast & Furious family as the star Vin Diesel called his daughter Pauline after Walker's passage. As a result, the documentary trailer feels like a celebration of his life, and that's exactly what his fans want. It's not ugly or gross, or meant to sensate his transition


The documentary has a release date, so fans who have loved him since his first big breakout roles in Pleasantville Varsity Blues and She's All That can officially mark their calendars. I am Paul Walker will premiere on August 11 at 9:00 AM, and will fly exclusively on Paramount Network. So, someone who plans to watch has a few weeks to feel prepared for the best of his ability. Tissues are recommended. And a Paul Walker film marathon to really get feelings in advance is also not a bad idea.

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