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iFixit's iPhone 11 Pro Max Detection finds higher capacity battery, 4 GB RAM

Which has become an annual custom, iFixit ripped off the latest iPhone – in this case the iPhone 11 Pro Max – to see what has changed in Apple's flagship. The website found that the phone has 4 GB of RAM, a 3969 mAh battery that adopts the L-shaped design for the first time in a Max phone and an improved thermal management system.

Also exciting: "We have a secondary battery for the first time ever on an iPhone, connecting directly to the wireless charging coil. We're not sure what Apple did here."

This additional connector, iFixit postulates, may be proof of the bilateral charging feature rumored before the phone was released. Launch reports claimed that the new iPhone could charge AirPods wirelessly, much like Samsung's latest Galaxy phones. But iFixit notes that Apple released documentation indicating that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has new hardware to track battery performance, and that could be an alternative explanation.

Other interesting findings include a new barometric sensor design and an explanation of how Apple achieved improved thermal performance: it "is achieved by drawing heat from the logic board right through multiple layers of graphite where it is dispersed in the back cover." [19659008] iFixit sells repair-related parts and services and advocates for user-made repairs to reduce environmental waste. As with previous breakdowns, the site gave the phone a repair rating. This time it was a 6 out of 10, the same points as the iPhone XS and XS Max gave in 2018. iFixit reported that the battery is easier to maintain than before, but that breaking the back of the glass requires replacement of the entire chassis to repair.

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