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If you’re reading a doctor’s interview about the coronavirus pandemic, do it here – BGR

  • Dr. Larry Brilliant, the epidemiologist who helped the World Health Organization eradicate smallpox, teamed up with USA Today for an update on coronavirus.
  • He says the United States has a “bad and rocky ride” ahead of it in relation to the coronavirus, but that in the long run it is “not all doom and gloom.”
  • Read on to explain what needs to happen next to addressing the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Dr. Larry Brilliant is an California epidemiologist who has served as the Doctor of Grateful Dead, an advisor to the 2011 film Infection and who was, perhaps best known, part of the team from the World Health Organization that helped eradicate smallpox back in the 1

970s. All this is that this is a doctor who has received a new interview – to USA Today the editorial staff – which more than lives up to the adjective in his name, and which can also easily serve as the only coronavirus update you need today.

It’s easy to be slandered by the steady increase in numbers related to the severity of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, something that the team at Johns Hopkins University keeps updated on a daily basis. For example, recent university data show that there have been more than 4.7 million cases of the COVID-19 virus identified so far in the United States (along with more than 156,000 deaths). “We will still be chasing the virus in four years from now,” Brilliant warned in his sitting with the editorial staff. “But it will not be like (today). It will be like the program for the eradication of copper. The polio eradication program. Have yellow fever in some countries and not in others. “

Among the reasons he believes the United States is on a “bad and rocky journey” in the short term are challenges that include the reopening of schools in some places, as well as gatherings over Labor Day, the fall and winter flu season, as well as personal election lines for the November presidential election .

But it is “not all doom and mist.” Brilliant says we should expect the coronavirus to continue spreading until it hits a wall, and that wall will likely be a combination of vaccines along with the immunity that has been developed by people who now have antibodies that prevent them from getting the virus in future. Even more promising, Brilliant insists that a coordinated strategy that includes a much more widespread mandate for face masks, plus greater connection to social distancing, hand washing and doing more to curb crowds in indoor venues such as bars and restaurants, would avoid the need for a new national shutdown. some kind. The latter is something that would lead to “political and emotional and economic hell if we shut everything down the way we did before.”

Check out the full results of Brillian’s conversations with USA Today the editorial staff here. The whole thing is definitely worth reading.

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