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"I could explain a national emergency"

SAINT-JEAN-DE-LUZ, France – President Donald Trump on Sunday said he could declare the escalating US-China trade war a national emergency if he wished.

"In many ways, this is an emergency," Trump said at the G-7 leadership meeting for the ongoing trade dispute between the world's two best economies.

"I could explain a national emergency, I think when they steal and take and steal intellectual property anywhere from $ 300 billion to $ 500 billion a year and when we have lost a total of nearly a trillion dollars a year during many years, "Trump said, adding that he had no plan right now to demand a national emergency.

"We really seem very well with China right now, we're talking. I think they want to do a lot more than I do. I get a lot of money in the tariffs will get billions. We never got 1

0 cents from China so we see what happens. "

Trump's comments come when he met with British Prime Minister Ister Boris Johnson, who is launching a group of 7 meetings in the French seaside town of Biarritz.

Customs G-7 collection, representing the world's most important industrial economies, is the look-for-tat duty between Washington and Beijing. [19659007] US President Donald Trump attends a bilateral meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the G7 Summit on August 25, 2019 in Biarritz, France.

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On Friday, Trump said he would raise existing $ 250 billion in Chinese products to 30% from 25% on October 1. In addition, tariffs on another $ 300 billion Chinese goods, which will come into force on September 1, will now be 15% instead of 10%.

Asked about Trump's second thoughts on Friday's steps to escalate the trade war with China, Trump said "Yup." "I have second thoughts about everything," he added.

Trump then dismissed concerns that G-7 leaders and other US allies would be pressuring him to end the trade war with China.

"I think they respect the trade war, it has to happen. China has been, I can only speak for the United States, I can't say what they do with Britain and other places, but from the US point of view what they have done made outrageous that presidents and administrations allowed them to get away with taking out hundreds of billions of dollars each year and putting it into China, "Trump said.

"Our country is doing really well, we had terrible trade deals and I am cleaning them out. The biggest is by far China," he added.

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