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Huskies release first match in World Series final, because Florida State wins 1-0 on a homer

Anna Shelnutt blasted a solo homer over the left center fence in the sixth inlet to give Florida State a 1-0 advantage and Meghan King's corps held Huskies in control of five-hit shutout.

OKLAHOMA CITY – It had been more than a month since Washington lost a softball game.

Huskies responded by winning their next 11 matches.

They will need the same type of bounce after they have been blanked 1-0 by the Florida State in Game 1 of Women's College World Series Championship.

Game 2 in the trespel series is set at 5:00 Tuesday at the United States Hall of Fame Stadium.

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"Just another opportunity," said UW coach Heather Tarr. "Thank you, it will not end tonight. We have another chance. These guys are amazing. We'll see what we can do tomorrow. Live and learn."

Florida State won it on Anna Shelnut's solo homer in it Sixth innings and Meghan King made it up with their five-hit shutout.

In the seventh inning Monday it was the bottom of Huskie's batting orders that were due. Taryn Atlee pointed up the middle to open the inning. Trysten Melhart tried to bump on, but Jessie Warren flew in from the third base to lift the stack out. She then threw Atlee out of her knees for a dazzling doubling that broke Huskie's hopes.

"I had the feeling that they would try to lay down (a bundle), especially one relaxing to bat," said Warren. "I read her hands very well. She came around, and I only got a good reading on the ball and laid it out for the team." She saw the girl, she was not near first, so I tried to take my time to make a good throw first so that I could get the game. "

Kelly Burdick was then singled for UW, but was almost caught after making a big turn around the first base.

Taylor Van Zee founded the king to finish the game.

Game 1 in the series was a pure battle battle between Washington's Gabbie Plain and King. Both ended the night with similar statistics, but King made a minor mistake.

Plain (22-5) picked up his first defeat in the fall season. After two days she led up five matches, knocked out six and went three in seven innings.

King (25-6) six had a complete game trip.

"I think only in general. It was a big pitcher duel," said Tarr. "Both teams had not seen each other, and it was a great opportunity for us to meet a really good pot in Meghan King. I just think she has a big command and throws a lot of strikes. She pitches with the beat she likes to throw. Places fast. Something I know many other teams comment on after playing her. "

At the bottom of the second it seemed that Huskies had a chance to come to the king. Atlee first hit a shot on the third baseline. Warren did not even try to throw her out and the runners were primarily secured.

The conversation was reversed and the judges said the ball was ugly and Atlee continued her bat. She flew out on her next turn for the third.

The Seminoles were attacking in the third inning. Morgan Klaevemann singled, then stole others and could take third after an incorrect throw by UW prisoner Emma Helm.

So, Florida State had a third-base runner without outs. The situation did not seem to disturb Plain, who received Elizabeth Mason and Warren to beat infield pop flies before they kicked out Carsyn Gordon.

Melhart started the bottom of the third with an infield single.

Burdick dropped a victim bundle to move on to Melhart to others. Van Zee came up with a single and Sis Bates was struck by a path g to load the bases.

King responded by knocking out Julia DePonte and Kirstyn Thomas to keep the game scoreless.

It was not until the Sixth Seminoles finally became Plain when Shelnutt, the prisoner, blasted a solo homer over the left center. It was the first race Plain, a freshman, had allowed in 19 innings work at WCWS.

"Boll was probably a bit higher than I would have liked it to be, but yes it was just a good hit," Plain said. "She read it well. Went with it, put it where she wanted it to go. So, there's not much you can do about that."

Florida State Dani Morgan arrived with a single, then staladized second bass . With only one out, Florida State on the verge of doing something more injured at UW (52-9).

Cali Harrod hit a baseless bloop in the left-hand field, but Bates ran back to make an upper-axle. Sophomore shortstop whirled around and threw Morgan out on others for third out.

But how good are the huskies playing for defense, it had little impact on their crimes. King contained Washington and did not give the huskies some big hits during the greatest moments.

"She just worked in front of us and kept us in balance," said DePonte. "For once she would come up and next time she would not do it. I think that's what kept me in balance. We made tough contact. We were throwing away an inch so we'll see tomorrow."

Streaking Seminoles
Florida State Run at Women's College World Series:
Opponents WL Rating
] UCLA [19659037] Lost [19659037] 7-4 [19659039] ] Georgia [19659037] Water [19659037] 7-2 [19659039] Oregon [19659037] Water [19659037] 4-1 [19659039] UCLA [19659037] Water [19659037] 3-1
UCLA Won Won ] 12-6
Washington * Won 1-0
* First Match of the Best of Three Finals

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